3 Reasons to visit Bologna


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Bologna definitely lies on the top list of the cities one should visit when going to Italy. Besides its amazing culture and wonderful story, Bologna seems to combine bits and pieces of every Italian city. This breathtaking place is also known as „Bologna la dotta, la grassa, la rossa” (Bologna the learned, the fat and the red city). Why these adjectives?  You will find out right now. Therefore, here are the 3 Reasons to visit Bologna:

1. Bologna the learned

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What some might not know is that the oldest existing university in Europe has been founded at Bologna, somewhere around year 1088. The Studium, as it was called in those days, began under the form of a system through which the teachers collected fees from their students on an individual basis. As you can imagine Bologna soon turned into an important centre of the European intellectual life during the Middle Ages. Needles to say that today Bologna is an important a university city, offering 250 different majors to more than 100.000 students from all over the world. And this does not stop here. These universities even has a Botanical Garden, established in 1568, being considered as the fourth oldest in Europe.

Therefore if you want to study in a place full of history and culture and have fun at the same time, then Bologna is definitely the right place for you.

2. Bologna the fat

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If the learning part has not convinced you, wait for this point to be discussed about and I am quite sure your opinion will change. Bologna is equivalent of cooking as an art and a funny way of life. This city is renowned for its culinary tradition. And if you do not believe me, then does spaghetti alla Bolognese tell you anything? Exactly! Not to mention all the delicious pork meats such as prosciutto and mortadella that will make you want to lick your fingers. Anyway we will get into more details about this ravishing aspect of Bologna in a future post.

3. Bologna the red

Red color plays an important role in the Bolognese culture, being not only the color of the local government since the time it was created till now, but also the wonderful color of the many beautiful buildings and amazing porticoes which are everywhere. Many locals claim that this color represents them, as Bologna is a city full of life and joy, that teaches you the truly pleasure of your existence.

Have the 3 reasons to visit Bologna convinced you to do so? If not, stay tuned to our next posts about this amazing city.

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