A guide to Italy Nightlife

If you are a party lover, then how in this world can you start having the time of your life if not enjoying A guide to Italy Nightlife or as others might call it “La Dolce Vita”? In this amazing country almost each day is considered holiday. The locals like clubbing all night long, seven nights a week, no matter the weather outside or the time of the year. Even if the morning means going straight back to work, Italian people definitely know how to party and just seize the moment. The big cities offer plenty of great clubs and other places of entertainment with all kinds of tasty cocktails and stylish people who know how to have fun.


Partying in Italy

javascript:;A guide to Italy Nightlife begins when the sun goes to bed. The landscape is really charming, with yellow lighted streets, young people on their ways to the clubs and tourists enjoying their visit in open air cafes.

The majority of the clubs are located in the city center and the entrance fee is quite accessible (5- 6 euro). Women usually get a discount and men have a free drink once with the acquisition of an entrance ticket.

In the Northern parts of the country, more exactly in Milan, Italians got used to enjoying a delicious “aperitivo” right before heading towards a disco.  An aperitivo is actually a snack or a buffet that is offered once you order an alcoholic beverage.  People love it not only because it is cheap and varied but because it is also a wonderful way of making conversation and why not meeting new and interesting people.

What you should also bear in mind is that discos in Italy are quite small; therefore hanging out with your family or a reduced group of friends is just perfect.  The atmosphere is intimate and you can be sure that you won’t spend a night out without making a new friend.

Italy Nightlife in Names

There are so many places in Italy that offer so many high quality services at low prices that I don’t even know where to start.

The best places to have the time of your life in the mesmerizing Rome are: Piper Club one of the best in the capital, reminding of the intriguing 60’s, Gilda full of local VIPs and actors and the romantic BigMamma. As far as Milan is concerned you can live an unforgettable night at Alcatraz, located on Via Valtellina, The Club on Corso Como or Plastic Club situated on Viale Umbra. Florence can brag with club Tenax on Via Pratese and club Tabasco on Piazza Santa Cecilia whereas Venice will help you create wonderful memories at the incendiary Piccolo Mondo Disco Bar.

Italy will not allow its tourists to leave its places unsatisfied. The variety of restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs and discos manages to make all visitors happy and relaxed.

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