A Guide to Nightlife in Rome

In Rome it doesn’t matter if the week has just started or if the weekend is close, after the sun goes to bed, locals and tourists go out to party. If you are a nightlife lover, the perfect place for spending your time is in this amazing Italian capital. Once you’ve landed here, you can be sure that you will have the time of your life. This Guide to Nightlife in Rome will help you take the best decisions so that on your return home you won’t regret not having visited a great place or taken part at an exciting event.


Tips and tricks

In Rome the parties start really late. Locals are used to first go out for a dinner at around 9 or 10 o’clock where the group of friends gathers to decide where they should head to for the night. There are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration, which I am sure you haven’t thought of before. First of all you will need to decide where to go, then if you will find a place where you can leave your car, what kind of music is played in the local, if the cocktails are worthwhile and if the atmosphere suits everybody’s tastes.  Though all of these might sound crazy, in Rome they do make sense. Better plan than spend your whole night looking for the perfect place.

Another pleasant way of spending the night is the Italian style “seen and be seen”. Rome is full of small or bigger piazzas (squares) where people gather and transform them into outdoor bars. As the weather is really nice and mild for most part of the year, the talks and atmosphere around here is quite pleasant. If you want to move around you can take a ‘passeggiata’ (slow walk) at Campo dei Fiori crowded with students and tourists.

Clubs and discos

There are so many clubs and options when it comes to this city that the best way to set up a Guide to Nightlife in Rome is to observe its entertainment areas, each one with its one particularity.

In San Lorenzo, a place known for its universities, the atmosphere is really relaxing although the medium age is somewhere around 22-23. You will find here plenty of students from all over Italy and also from all over the world hanging out and mixing up in a homogenous group.

Via Ostiense is crowded with all kinds of bars and pubs, addressing thus to everybody’s tastes.  It is also here where you can eat, drink and dance so making this choice you cannot possibly mistake.

Campo dei Fiori is full of tourists socializing with the locals and trying to discover Rome’s truly spirit.

In Rome is quite impossible not to have fun, the only thing that you need to do is not to lock yourself in your hotel room and watch TV. Enjoy!

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