A guide to the unforgettable island of Sardinia

Climbing at Sardinia, ©Mikey Bean/Flickr

Sardinia is an island situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, off the Italian coast that strikes the ones who visit with natural light and color contrasts. This beautiful place sitting by the emerald sea holds ancient traditions in the bosom of pure nature and wilderness.

The island is predominantly a mountainous territory, although it has no high peaks, with a charmingly vast, natural environment. Human presence does not seem to affect the island. The great surfaces somehow are able to maintain their original composition, the woods are full of thousand-year-old trees and the small deserts and moors are inhabited by wild horses, rapacious birds and deer.

Spoken language

In Sardinia people speak four main dialects besides traditional Italian. The locals usually speak Italian to foreigners such as tourists and visitors. Before visiting Sardinia it is recommended to learn a few Italian words that make communication easier with local residents.

Coastal Region

Sailing from Sardinia to Sicily, ©Nouhailler/Flickr

The coast of Sardinia is a great attraction. People visiting the coast have the opportunity to sunbathe in the Mediterranean weather and set sail from the coast of Smeralda. If you like sailing and exploring beautiful waters, visit Maddalena archipelago and the Asinara National Park. If you fancy a stroll under water pay a visit to Alghero and enjoy the breathtaking image of underwater caves and grottoes.

Natural beauty

Sardinia is not only the ideal place to get a beautiful suntan but it also has hills and open ski resorts during colder months where you can enjoy winter as well.

Climbing at Sardinia, ©Mikey Bean/Flickr

The inland area is dotted by fresh greenery and plumes of wildflowers thanks to heavy rainfall throughout the whole year.


Sardinian tourism led to the expansion of the island. Today it includes a large number of beautiful locations to stay and hangouts that satisfy all needs in order to experience an unforgettable holiday. Video tour guides and maps of Sardinia can help you to get to know and become familiar with the region.

A family holiday in Torre del Porticciolo near Alghero, Sardinia, ©Dave Haygarth/Flickr

Try out and enjoy the coasts and resorts of Sardinia where you can explore the island’s exciting and unique culture.

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