A Short Guide to Italy

Where in this world can you find the most beautiful sights, attractions full of history and glorious stories,  delicious food, wonderful weather and beautiful and welcoming people? This short guide to Italy will hopefully answer all your questions. You will get to know what are the top must see sights in the country, what food is it that you must try while there, what should you be prepared to in terms of climate and many other things you will find useful if you plan a trip to Italy or just want to know more about it.


Located in the south-central Europe Italy is an icon of the old continent, being its sixth most populous country.  It is surrounded by famous neighbors such as: France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia and it is bordered at the north by the breathtaking Alps.  No matter where you are you can easily take a trip in the surroundings, the quality of the scenery being guaranteed. Even more right at the heart of the Italian peninsula lays the independent state of Vatican City, dominated by the kind figure of Pope Benedict the 16th.


Bella Italia is unique because of the boot-shaped peninsula that strangely or not helped her becoming an icon of the world’s fashion. At the south and south-east of the peninsula Sicily and Sardinia, two amazingly beautiful islands stand proudly as if telling the world about their Italian roots.  No matter where you are in Italy it won’t take you more than two hours to get either to the Liguarian Sea, the Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea or the Mediterranean one. This blessed country will not only impress you with the variety of its landscape but will give you the opportunity to live unique moments on Mount Etna, where you will come across the only active volcano in Europe: Vesuvius.


Even if it is quite different, depending on where you are on the peninsula, Italy’s climate cannot take you too much by surprise. As a general rule it has a temperate seasonal climate, with hot and humid summers and mild winters.  The northern part is characterized by less degrees and more snowy winters whereas the southern Italy is dry and often quite hot especially during the summertime.


As a general rule there shouldn’t be a problem reaching Italy no matter where you come from.  This country proudly possesses 30 main airports and 43 seaports so you will just have to make up your mind. The railway network is also developed and modernized and the train tickets are quite affordable. Needless to say about the local transportation, which offers tourists a wide variety of options from metros (the so called “metropolitana”) to buses and personalized shuttles.

Did you know…

Did you know that the name Italy has its roots from the Greek Itelu, meaning “land of young cattle”?

Did you know that The Vatican City is the smallest country in the world with only 44 hectares  (110 acres) and a population of just 800 citizens?

Did you know that the parachute was invented in Italy by the most famous figure of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci?

Did you know (or better remember) that the most popular love story in the world, Romeo and Juliet was set by Shakespeare in the romantic city of Verona, Italy?

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