A short guide to South Tyrol

Landscape in South Tyrol

South Tyrol ©Walter Rodriguez/Flickr

With only 7,400 square kilometers territory, South Tyrol (Südtirol in German and Alto Adige in Italian) is located at the southern edge of the Alps, in Northern Italy. The autonomic territory consists of 116 civil parishes and together with Trient province it forms the Italian region of Trentino Alto Adige.

Due to its location, South Tyrol wonderfully compounds Italian and Austrian culture, as well as mountain   regions and vineyards making it a very exciting destination. Hope the little video below along with this short guide to South Tyrol will be an inspiration for you to put this great region on your must visit list.

Things to know about South Tyrol

Less than half a million people live in South Tyrol, most of them in the cities of Bozen and Meran. The rural area is scarcely populated, thus it is perfect for those looking for seclusion while on a holiday. There are Germans, Italians and Ladins living in the region, but German and Italian are both widely spoken.

South Tyrol vineyard

Vineyard ©Sonia Belviso/Flickr

Fruit growing is one of the main occupations of the locals, so there are a lot of wonderful orchards all around the region. They are especially beautiful in the spring, while the flowers are blooming. South Tyrol is also a world famous wine region with amazing wines.

South Tyrolean cuisine

The South Tyrol cuisine is a gradual transition between Austrian and Mediterranean cuisine. The alpine culinary tradition is characterized by simple and economic cooking. It widely uses cornstarch, potato, cheese and smoked meat – they make simple but very delicious dishes out of these.

Knodli - South Tyrol specialty

Knodli ©kochtopf/Flickr

One of the main dishes is the knödli (dumpling) that can be used in soups, as garnish or as desert (with peach gem for instance). Naturally, South Tyrol cuisine also has very strong Italian influences. Thus, the competition of the two gastronomical traditions (Austrian and Italian) are in many cases referred to as the battle of the knödli and pasta.

One of the must taste dishes of South Tyrol menus is the hirnprofesen, two slices of bread with filling made of marrow, eggs and onion.

Landscape in South Tyrol

South Tyrol ©Walter Rodriguez/Flickr

Folk art and traditions are also very important for the locals, they have beautiful religious processions and they still wear the local folk costume quite often and with pleasure. It is very nice and part of it is the famous Tyrolean hat.

Watch the video above and after this short guide to South Tyrol let us know if you have any questions regarding this beautiful region or if you would like to share your experiences about it.




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