A short story of the Vatican City

I am sure that the history of the world’s smallest independent nation is of great interesting for anyone. The big question is of course: How has this state managed to impose itself and gain its independence. Well, you will find your answer in a short story of the Vatican City.

The beginnings

Many of you don’t know that in the place where today sits the heart of the Catholic religion, home of the Pope, leader of the Catholic Church, many years ago the emperor Caligula decided to build a circus later to be completed by Nero. Caligula was also the one who brought the famous obelisk to decorate the backbone of his circus right from Egypt, an important element which can be admired even nowadays. In the years to come this place has turned into the site of martyrdom of many Christians, historian claiming even that one of Jesus saints, St. Peter found his end here, being crucified upside down.

In 326 the first church, more exactly the Constantine basilica was built and the region become more and more populated. A palace was also constructed in the years to come and popes started to govern the Italian peninsula for thousands of years until the Papal State was seized by the newly created Kingdom of Italy.

Italian Unification

Once with the Italian unification, the Popes continued ruling at Vatican, gaining different rights, among which the right to send and receive ambassadors. But the Popes did not agree with the King’s rule over Rome and thus for many years they simply refused to leave Vatican. Pope Pius IX even stated that after Rome as annexed he pretty much felt like a prisoner of the Vatican City.

Many European states were regarding this small state as an independent one, but it is only in year 1929 that the Kingdom of Italy recognized the sovereignty of the Holy See, granting a special place in Italy to Roman Catholicism.


World War II emphasized the importance of the Vaticanas a defender of Rome. Having strongly proclaimed its neutrality, under Pope Pius XII , the Vatican City was never occupied or bombarded. Even more one of Pope’s main concerns were to prevent Rome from being attacked, diplomatically fighting against the British and American troops.

Today the Holy See is ruled by Benedict XVI, born Joseph Alois Ratzinger in Bavaria, Germany, representing another important figure if this short story of the Vatican City

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