A walking tour through Rome

While we recommend you simply walk through Rome randomly to experience many unique places all over the city. We’d like to show you how see many of the top Roman sites in a single day by just walking around. The long tour is about 7km, which is about 4.5Miles and easily doable even at a slow pace. Start early, and then simply follow our little map posted here. (Click the thumbnail on the left to view the large map)

Because Rome has so many amazing places, it’s a bit hard to pick the top spots. Anyhow, this will cover a lot of ground and won’t be too exhausting especially if you have quite some time on your hands. Start out at the Colosseum, the world famous ancient theater where they had all the gladiator fights.

Start from Trajan’s Column

Don’t go inside this time, as the lines might be long and you need the time for the rest of your passage. Walk past the Forum Romanum towards the Pantheon, you should pass Piazza Venezia, and the famous Trajan’s Column, which commemorates the emperor’s victory over the Dacians (today’s Romania) . Pay attention to the details of the pictures depicting the war.

From the Trajan Column walk down towards Piazza Navona, which in our opinion may just be the most beautiful square in the world. By the way, this is also the square that is rebuilt inside the Venetian Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. This is however the real thing and always crowded. It’s time to spend about an hour and just suck in the beauty of this square, and have some coffee. Be prepared that coffee prices are quite high there, but then this is not just grabbing coffee, but rather coffee and sightseeing that you are paying for. Before leaving, make sure you check out a the famous Italian sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s  Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, the fountain in the center, which is a true masterpiece.

From Piazza Navona, walk to the Pantheon, which is just another 200 meters away or so. It’s another beautiful square, so in case you didn’t stop for coffee at Piazza Navona, grab one here instead.  You should also walk into the Pantheon, entry is free and there is no line, so you can do this quickly and just take a deep breath when staring up to the ceiling, it is breath taking.

Throw a coin in Fontana di Trevi

From the Pantheon, you’ll have a little stroll towards Fontana di Trevi the famous baroque fountain, where of course you should throw a coin into the water, backwards, to be sure that you’ll return to the city soon. Fontana di Trevi as it stands today was built by Pope Urban VII in 1629, was also designed by Bernini and is 85 feet high and 65 feet wide. We recommend that you grab some Pizza here, as this makes for a pleasant break and a great place to refill your batteries.

From Fontana di Trevi, you should walk to the Spanish Steps. The stairs are one of the liveliest places in Rome, especially during the evening ours where young people hang out on the stairs, drink, eat their snacks and chat. The stairs are connecting the Piazza di Spagna below with the Trinita dei Monti on top of the. The piazza is beautiful and again a place where you can hang out a bit before you walk over to Piazza del Populo. On the way there you’ll walk by some shops where you can do some shopping if you’re in the mood. Once you arrive at the Piazza del Populo, you should climb up the stairs on the right where you can get a great view over the city.

Last stop Castel Sant’Angelo

Up until now, this is about 5km (approx 3Miles), but if you are not tired yet, walk over towards the Castel Sant’Angelo which is the ancient Mausoleum of Emperor Hadrian and then towards the Vatican City to finish your walking tour with a visit of St. Peter.  In total, this will make about 7km or so, but spread over an entire day it’s really just a stroll in the park. Enjoy

Note: Also be sure to always stay hydrated, the weather in Rome can catch you off guard as it’s hot dry and dusty. There are bars, and coffee shops all over town, so don’t worry about bringing your own.

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