A weekend in Turin


There are so many things you can do in Turin that you will feel a weekend is simply not enough. After all, it might not have Milan’s fashion, Florence’s culture or Venice’s canals, but it does have an amazing architecture, cars and mesmerizing stories. A weekend in Turin definitely means having a good time; after all it is an Italian city so ‘la dolce vita’ is everywhere.

I will not focus on the places that you can visit, but more on the things that you can do so that you can feel the true Turinese atmosphere.

Enjoying a chocolate

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Turin is famous for its chocolate and its tradition in this area. Leaving this place and not tasting a local brand of chocolate could be the biggest waste of time and money ever. I know that you might say that a weekend in Turin is simply not enough to do them all, but enjoying a chocolate is not an option, it’s a must.

You need to get to Via Cagliari, to Laboratorio Artigianale del Giandujotto, where you can taste and buy seven different types of chocolate and if you are lucky enough you can even witness the whole process of chocolate making.

Have a break, have an aperitif

When you feel that you are too tired to walk and your stomach is aching for some food, then do not even think about looking for a McDonald’s sign. Turin is full of amazing terraces offering relaxing couches and delicious aperitifs at the cost of only $4. In this way to ease your hunger and you do not eat so much that you cannot continue your tour of this city.


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If you are a football lover, then a visit to the local stadium might not be considered too much during a weekend in Turin. Delle Alpi stadium has been designed and built for 1990 World Cup. For a visit on Juventus stadium you might need to pay between $13 and $80, depending on the importance of the match.

Keep your budget

If you are in the city for only a weekend, then the wise thing to do is to buy the Torino card, which costs only $10, providing access to 38 museums and reduced ticket price to a number of musical shows and plays. This card is available for only 2 days and can be bought from Turin tourism.

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