Accommodation in Florence

Accommodation in Florence, almost without regard to category and price, is strongly influenced by the high and low season. It is true that this might differ slightly from one hotel to another, depending on the area of the city it is located. Usually the high season corresponds to spring and summer and possibly a couple of weeks around Christmas, whereas the low season is related to winter and late autumn.

Therefore, be aware of how much time ahead you book your hotel if you are planning a visit to Florence in the high season. Also keep in mind that if a hostel or hotel is listed in any travel guide or site this will eventually make it harder to actually get a room at the hotel. However do not lose hope, accommodation in Florence is enough, diversified and for everybody.

1. Antica Dimora Firenze

Antica Dimora Firenze is an absolutely charming and elegant Bed and breakfast, located right in the heart of the city. You will be absolutely mesmerized by the uniquely decorated rooms and vividly colored furniture. Everything about this place emanates a feeling of comfort and joy. The private bathrooms, the relaxing area, the well-lit lunge where you can enjoy your breakfast, will make your stay absolutely perfect.

Even more, once you make the first step outside the hotel, it will take you only five minutes, no matter the direction you are heading, to reach the main museums and places of interest in the city.

The average daily price varies somewhere around 85 to 150 euro.

2. Casa del Garbo

Casa del Garbo is perfectly located in Piazza Signoria, right in the heart of the city, facing onto Palazzio Vecchio.

This is the perfect place for a family vacation or a business trip, as this hotel offers rooms with bed and breakfast formulas as well as suites and apartments for a higher number of days.  What is even more appealing about this place is that it is incorporated in Palazzo Ugoccioni, an amazing complex dating back from the Renaissance period. Its every corner tells thus the story of a beautiful past, reminding its visitors the fact that the hotel was once a convent.

In time its landlords adapted the house to the needs of their clients, offering tickets to the museums and monuments, DVDs to enjoy, parking garage and renting cell phones with good prices to use locally and internationally. The prices are somewhere around 85 and 210 euro, depending on the season.

The list of hotels inFlorence is quite long so just book the flight ticket and start packing.

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