Amazing places to see in Rome

Where to start when all of the corners of Rome offer history and beauty? There is no other city like it, “La Citta Eterna” or the eternal city as it was always called; and it is. You can spend 6 months in this city and you’ll never stop finding new things, even if you’re just interested in churches, there are over 900 churches there which we can’t cover of course, but the following sights are among the ones that we recommend especially for tourists who have about a 5-7 days in Rome. So below you will fond a list of definitely must sees for Rome with the amazing landmarks everyone has to visit when they are in the city.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is probably the most amazing place to see. While this is certainly also a reminder of cruelty, it shows the dominance of the once unchallenged Roman Empire. The Colosseum is massive and certainly compares to any of the major stadiums today in terms of size. What makes this place special of course that this stadium which could host some 50,000 people was of course built approximately 2000 years ago. It’s technology was mind staggering. A giant sun roof was protecting the audience during the hot summer days. It was built for all sorts of games and shows but it’s most famous for the gladiators that once fought deadly fights. Imagine that even sea battles took place here, where the entire stadium floor was flooded for this purpose. It’s recommendable to come early morning when visiting otherwise the lines are really long especially during peak season.

Forum Romanum

Without a doubt the top outdoor sight remains the Forum Romanum. It’s a reminder of how Rome used to be. Although the Forum Romanum was lost for many years after the fall of the Roman empire it acted as a quarry for many years. If you wander around in Rom and you see all the old churches, you’ll often see marble rocks within the brick walls, which are mainly reused material of ancient Roman buildings. In fact many churches have been built from the remains of this archaeological site. Later on the Forum Roman which had sunken into a swamp at some point in time had turned into a romantic park. Many of the medieval paintings and frescos you see in Museums and depicting scenes from this park. Today, the remainders have been excavated and still offer a beautiful scene with its old roads, temples and ancient buildings that had not been destroyed. The Forum Romanum offers a perfect getaway from the busy streets of Rome, where you can o for a stroll, letting your imagination take you back 2000 years.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon was build by Marcus Agrippa. The building is mind boggling in terms of beauty and size. It’s the oldest church in the world. When inside note that the coppola makes a perfect circle, a structure that was revolutionary in those times. Walk inside and look up to the ceiling, there is a large opening in the center of the ceiling to allow sunlight come in. Depending on what time of day you are going, this makes for spectacular pictures. Entry is free and there is no line ever so go there anytime and simply dream away.

St. Peter’s Church

The largest church is located in the Vatican City of Rome. Although not the oldest church, it’s amazing because of its size and beauty and demonstrates the incredible power of the catholic church today and before. It’s worth it to pay the entry fees to see the entire facility and if you want a better grasp of Rome from above, go and climb up the Coppola to get great views of the city.


Trastevere is Rome’s old town and located right next to today’s city center across the Tiber River. Its small streets are packed with cafes, restaurants and bars and plenty of local life. Pay attention to the detail of the somewhat small houses for a capital’s city center, and how charming they are. In the center of Trastevere one of the most beautiful churches of Rome Santa Maria in Trastevere is located. Just go inside any ejoy the wonderful Frescos and the unique golden mosaic ceiling made by Pietro Cavallini during the 13th century.

At night Trastevere is a popular student hang out with plenty of night life. Start out in front of the Santa Maria in Trastevere and then just sample some of the popular bars.

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