Best beaches in Alghero & North West Sardinia

Beach on the way to Bosa, ©RobRyb/Flickr

It is hard to find a better place for a holiday than the coast of Sardinia. Its white-sand beaches and crystal clear water is amazing and breathtaking. With beautiful limestone mountains in the background, coves, sand dunes and glorious beaches, Sardinia ranks among the best vacation places. Along its magnificent coastline there are resorts and activities for all ages.

Couples will find their romance here just as much will families with children find fun. Then last but not least another reason why Sardinia is popular and loved by tourists is because the water, the beaches and the towns are always kept very clean. So if you want a quality vacation we recommend you spend your holiday on the best beaches of Alghero and north-west Sardinia.

Best beaches around Alghero bay

The beach of Maria Pia lays in one of Alghero’s finest sandy bays with beautiful pinewoods in the background. If you travel further around Alghero bay and Porto Conte bay you will find several stunning beaches where you can spend a lovely time of sunbathing and relaxation. We also recommend you visit the wonderful beaches of Lazzaretto from where you can enjoy a magnificent view across to Le Bombarde and Capo Caccia.

Bay near Lazzaretto, ©fbaett/Flickr

Beaches towards the north-west

Towards the north-west region of Sardinia lays the lovely beach of Porto Ferro a perfect place for swimming and relaxation. The beach is beautifully complemented with defense towers and steep cliffs. Porto Ferro is much loved by sport enthusiasts and is ideal for surfing. Also in the north-western region of the island, in Stintino there are fantastic tropical beaches, such as Pelosa with its crystal clear water and gentle sand. This region might be very crowded for it ranks among the best beaches in Sardinia.

La Pelosa, ©Andrew Prime/Flickr

For this reason you will have to think wisely about parking, because many tourists comes and goes around the region, thus parking might be hard to find and could be expensive. We suggest you take your own chairs and towels too for loungers are expensive too. If you would like to buy some memento’s and souvenirs, you can do that laying on the beach as locals come and go all day selling them along the coast.

Start your adventure at Bosa

For those who had enough of sunbathing and are looking for some adventure we recommend to travel south towards the coastline of Bosa where the shores are rocky and wilder then elsewhere. You can go scuba diving here and snorkeling. Explore the aquatic world in the deep waters of Sardinia.

Beach on the way to Bosa, ©RobRyb/Flickr

If you need to take a breath you will find sandy beaches like Las Speranza here also.

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