Best cheap food in Genoa

Inside a Genoa restaurant

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If you are travelling on low budget, then it is important to know where you can have the best cheap food in Genoa. Of course, if you are not a fancy person, you can always look for the closest supermarket and supply the fridge in your hotel room with all kind of sandwiches and snacks, but from time to time you still need to eat a warm lunch and why not, enjoy the delicious traditional Italian cuisine.

Therefore let’s find out how and where to buy the best cheap food in Genoa:


As you already know, the restaurant system inItalysays that each person has to pay for the so called “coperto”, that is the privilege of eating under a roof, protected by a possible rain or windy weather. Each restaurant charges such a fix amount per person with the exception of cafes, bars or tratorria. For lunch make sure thus that you select such a local and avoid restaurants, if you wish to spend your money on some other interesting activities.

Budget restaurants

Pasta ©

La Mamma Pizza – the cheapest place where you can enjoy a traditional dish is definitely a pizzeria. La Mamma Pizza offers great services and delicious huge pizzas for less than 20 euro, drinks included. This place is located on Via diSan Bernardo, 70 and you might want to book in advance. I strongly recommend you the fresh pasta dishes but also the finger-licking wood fired oven made pizzas.

Trattoria da Maria – is the perfect place for a low budget lunch. You can order only one course and they do takeaway offering an amazing traditional regional cuisine. The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing and the waiters really friendly and willing to help. Although it might get crowded after8pm, this place located close to Piazza Ferrari will almost certainly have a table available for everybody.

Pasta e Birra Take It Easy– Another great place with best cheap food inGenoa. You will find it close to Genova Cathedral. It offers delicious and fresh dishes, especially pasta, for less than 5 euro. No reservation is needed, even though the restaurant gets a little crowded during the evening. Do not leave it without ordering a least a desert and one of the regional wines. The staff is friendly and helpful and the place is welcoming and clean. Everything is prepared with great care and a lot of attention to details.




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