Best clubs and discos in Bologna



So you have just found out in our earlier post that Bologna is like the ‘guru’ of the Italian university cities. The conclusion is therefore quite simple: in Italy you can find the best clubs and discos in Bologna and that is without any trace of doubt. The international students not only helped this city open up to all forms of expression but also to even the most alternative ones. La Dolce Vita is never ending in this amazing place and the nightlife and fun can be found everywhere. However let’s pin point some of the best clubs and discos in Bologna.



Located in the heart of the Bologna’s historic centre, Kasamatta is a disco pub definitely worth visiting. If you judge it from the exterior you will say that it fits perfectly with the surrounding buildings, but once you have entered you will be surprised by the modern look and even posh atmosphere. The entrance fee will cost you 8 euro and the cloakroom another 3 euro (some claim it is too much), but I can assure you will forget about the financial part once the fun starts. The cocktails are absolutely delicious and if you feel hungry, you have a whole floor where you can serve all kind of finger licking dishes.

Covo Club


Located in Via Zagrabia 1, Covo Club offers something totally different from the majority of posh and modern clubs in Bologna. Here it does not matter how you are dressed or how your bank account looks like, all that counts is having fun. The music is great and really varied from ‘oldies but goldies’ to rock and even indie. The atmosphere is quite relaxed and the cocktails are absolutely delicious and cheap in comparison with other discos. Till midnight there is some kind of live act and after that the party begins.

The English Empire

The English Pub is quite a popular place, always filled with people, which can be justified by the fact that it is located in the university area. When there are important soccer games, people join here to watch their favorite games. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is crazy. The personnel is really helpful, friendly and professional. If you are not that into sports, make sure you avoid the days of the important matches; otherwise you will be having difficulties finding a free table in this wonderful pub.

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