Best clubs and discos in Perugia


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Perugia is not only a beautiful tourist destination, but also one of the main Italian cities where students from all over the world come to put an important stone to their future career. That is why, when it comes to nightlife, Perugiahas all the major attributes for a crazy night full of fun and good music. Once the sun goes to sleep, simply ignore the cafes and the bars, because the time to dance has come to Perugia. Thus, let’s find out which are the best clubs and discos in Perugia:

Domus Doliri

You will find this place near Piazza Morlachi. It is very famous among locals and young students as it guarantees a really good atmosphere at quite a good price. The cocktails are also delicious and the music is varied and for all tastes.


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If you do not have time to eat and it is too late to find a restaurant open, then Contrappunto is what you are looking for. It is divided into two parts: half is bar/restaurant serving delicious pizza and wine and the other half is a wonderful club offering live music to its visitors. There is no dressing code imposed and the atmosphere is really relaxed. On Mondays it is closed, but on Tuesdays you can enjoy jazz music, on Thursdays you can have the time of your life dancing on reggae, rock or funk whereas on Fridays you can simply dance the night away on a diversified type of genres.


Open from 8pmtill 2am, RockCastle, situated in Piazza Danti, 18 is ranked among the first in the list of the best clubs and discos in Perugia . Many call it a “disco pub”, but what really impresses is the amazing medieval architecture inside contrasting with the modern furniture and loud music. If you are fond of game of darts, then simply ask the waiter and your wish will come true.


If you are fond of fancy places where you can admire all sorts of people and of course, be admired at your turn, then Velvet is the perfect destination of the night. The moment you put your first step, you will be impressed by the cosmopolitan crowd acting like the while place is a scene. The club is made up of two floors, it’s just a matter of choice whether you want to stay on the first one and have fun and dance the night away, or go upstairs and be watched.


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