Best clubs and discos in Verona


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There is this general rumor saying that Verona is quite poor in terms of having fun or dancing like crazy till the dawn breaks. This is partially true because the majority of streets look empty during the night, but this does not mean that behind closed doors there is no life at all. What many might not know is that when the sun goes to sleep, people start party. All you need to do is to go to the right places and that is why we are here for you.

Therefore let’s find out which are the best clubs and discos in Verona:


Berfi’s is one of the most popular discos in Verona, frequented not only by tourists but by the majority of locals as well. This small place plays the latest hits of the moment, including commercial music and house, making sure everybody is having fun. The owner is always trying to please his clients by struggling to bring the best DJ’s from Italy and abroad to entertain the wonderful atmosphere. The disco is made up of a larger room, featuring modern music and a smaller one, also called the VIP room, where people can listen to live music or attend different special events.  Even more Berfi’s can also brag about having an amazing restaurant placed at exactly the same location, that will make sure its clients have enough energy to dance all night long.


Holliwood, is an amazing club located near the lake area, in Bardollino. The mansion house designed by architecture Gianni Gavioli, initially planned as a romantic Mediterranean setting has been turned into an exquisite disco where people like to over the summer to have the time of their life. Be careful what you are wearing so that you do not feel underdressed and get ready for a crazy night. The music is diversified and the Dj’s are changing every weekend so that everybody stays happy.


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If you want to feel like a teenager again, then Campus is the right place for you. Although not that popular among tourists, Campus is a two stories place where everybody can have fun. DJ’s play rock and pop music late into the night and the dance floor is large enough for everyone, although it tends to get quite crowded during the weekends, especially during the school year. To be moreclear, Campus is the American equivalent of college town bar and listed among one of the best clubs and discos in Verona.




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