Best holiday activities in Central Sardinia

Cala Luna, ©vasile23/Flickr

Sardinia is the best holiday location where you will definitely not get bored. There are plenty opportunities to have fun, practice your favorite sports, go hiking or sightseeing. Enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Sardinian coastline or go towards the inlands and soak up some Italian culture and history. There are many fun activities to choose from: boat trips, traveling, water sports and least but not last we need to mention the beach. Visit the Grand Canyon of Europe or explore the waters around the island. If you are looking for relaxation just choose one of the spectacular beaches and lay out in the sun.

Boat trips around the island

If you would like to explore the waters around the island buy a ticket to one of the many boat trips that will take you to Golfo di Orosei, an amazing location with limestone cliffs and coves, or Cala Ganone, also a lovely must see location in the area.

Golfo di Orosei, ©spli/Flickr

For those who like peace and quiet we recommend the sport of scuba diving. Swim in the deep waters and be amazed by the underwater life. You can even take classes at schools or just hire equipment if you are already a trained diver. We recommend Santa Maria Navarrese as the best diving location.

Grand Canyon of Europe

The mountainous scenery in Sardinia is simply breathtaking. Pack up, take a map, a compass, some food and go for a hike in the hills. The courses throughout the mountains are sensible so you will not get lost. If you are looking for a really impressive sight visit Gola Su Gorruppu, the so-called European Grand Canyon. The deepest gorge in Europe can be approached from the little town of Dorgali.

Gola Su Gorruppu, ©vasile23/Flickr

Water sports

On the shores of Sardinia you can practice all activities that involve water. From surfing, through sailing and windsurfing there are several possibilities to spend a good time out on the sea. The best location for windsurfing is Costa Verde, where all adrenaline junkies can enjoy a nice ride on the tides. Also ideal for surfing is the beach of Piscinas and Scivu next to the town of Arbus.

Spiaggia di Piscinas, ©Behemot+/Flickr

In the summer sun

Nothing is more relaxing in a hot summer day than just lying on the white sand and getting a nice suntan. Spend your holiday on the best beaches around Sardinia. Visit the unspoilt bays of Costa Verde and Piscinas or the wilder Iglesiente. On the eastern part of Sardinia the beaches are a bit harder to reach but they are worth it. For the more adventurous ones we recommend Cala Luna and Cala Gonone, two amazing beaches with macchia covered mountains in the background.

Cala Luna, ©vasile23/Flickr

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