Best holiday activities in Sardinia

Sailing in Sardinia, ©Nouhailler/Flickr

The island of Sardinia is in midway between the continent of Africa and Europe. Being Italian, it fiercely protects its traditional and national identity. The island is astonishingly intriguing and alluring. Surrounded by the deep blue sea, Sardinia boasts with a magnificent beaches and a smashing coastline. Truly, it is the dream destination of those who love the sun and like to laze around on a white-sand beach. However an excellent suntan is not the only thing Sardinia offers to those who pay a visit. Its cultural identity and rich history flooding from the streets, buildings and archeological sites are also amazing and they indeed capture the mind. So, here are a few tips on what to do when you’re in Sardinia:

Splash and swim 

When you visit Sardinia, most probably its stunning beaches will be the center of your attention, well, at least for the first few days. No wonder the crystal clear water is such a delight, since the island’s typical Mediterranean climate is more than enticing. The average coastal temperature in the summer months is around 28 °C meaning that the starting from May until late October, the water is warm enough for any wettish activities such as swimming.

Swimming in Sardinia, ©kruder396/Flickr

Ride off into the sunset

What is more romantic than a horse ride on a sunset beach? When you are in Sardinia, you are never too far from a stable. Horse riding is an ancient tradition on the island. There are hacks and trips including horse rides for children and adults, beginners and advanced riders. Explore the mountain scenery and shores of Sardinia on horseback. It is an adventure!

Conquer the mountains

For those who like a hike or just simply want to enjoy a jaunt in the ‘wilderness’, have the opportunity to explore and conquer the mountains of Sardinia dominated by natural beauty and tranquility. There are trips and walks for all ages and demands. If you like a challenge you might enjoy walking through deep gorges and steep cliffs. On the other hand if you are only looking for a breath of fresh air, just follow the clearly trodden paths that will lead you to picturesque locations.

Climbing in Sardinia, ©Mikey Bean/Flickr

Italian ‘mountain-biking’

If you are not a fan of horses but still want to discover the scenic landscapes of Sardinia, then reach the destinations where no cars can go with a bike. The only things you need is a map and a bicycle. The best places to go on a bike trip are Gennargentu, Gallura and the Le Prigionette Nature Reservation.

All aboard!

The glamorous Emerald Coast and its vicinity, Maddalena Archipelago is the perfect place to go sailing, so put on the captain outfit and pass the time on the waves with a sailing boat. There is no better way to explore the mind-blowing shores of Sardinia than to get on a sailing boat and go on a trip along the coastline. There are specially organized sailing holidays, where you spend most of your time on board out in the ocean. You can use equipment for snorkeling, diving and fishing. Discover the wonderful underwater life along the shores of the island or just soak up the hot beams of the sun.

Sailing in Sardinia, ©Nouhailler/Flickr

Catch a wind

Water sports are very popular in Sardinia, thus many dedicated sportsmen come here for surfing, windsurfing and kite-surfing. There are major competitions and championships held around the area which are fun to watch. Either pastime you choose, you will not have time to get bored. Visit Sardinia and enjoy the ride!


In south Corsica there is a place called Spérone, where you can visit a Sardinian top-quality golf course and enjoy a few rounds of pleasant golf.


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