Best hotels in Turin


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Ok, so enough with the expensive hotels and inexplicable high prices for a room and a breakfast. After all, how long do you actually stay in your hotel room and how much are you willing to spend only for a really comfortable bed and a movie-like service room. This will be the most pragmatic post ever and will only offer you the best hotels in Turin, in terms of quality-price rapport. It will focus on the location of the hotel, its cleanness, shower disposal, breakfast menu and of course price per night. Therefore let’s keep things simple.

Hotel Diplomatic Turin

Although a four stars hotel, this wonderful place offers exquisite services to its clients at really good prices. Within walking minute away from the main commercial and cultural point of interest, Hotel Diplomatic Turin is a perfect choice if you would like to save your transportation and even food budget. I know it might sound awkward staying at a 4 starts hotel and eating from a supermarket, but the budget for visiting other amazing places from this wonderful country named Italy should by all means be carefully spent.

Prices per night start somewhere around $64 and the stay is worthing any penny.

Hotel Alpi Resort

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Hotel Alpi Resort is another wonderful choice when it comes to best hotels in Turin. This hotel is located in the heart of the town; only 50 meters away you will come across the Po river bank, where the majority of clubs and restaurants are located. Its location is the perfect place to spot how the historic and the business centre of Turin meet and mingle forming a perfect entity. The personnel is really friendly and will make you feel like home and the breakfast you will enjoy in the morning is not only consistent, but also delicious.

Prices per night start at $63.


A less conventional way of accommodation is the apartments you can rent in Turin, especially if you are travelling in groups or with your family and you intend to stay in town for more than 2 or 3 days. You can choose from a wide variety of such apartments located all around the city and of course furnished differently so as to please everybody’s tastes. All you need to do is to check out and make your choice according to your preferences, then simply get in touch with the owners and establish all details, price included.

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