Best pastimes in Costa Smeralda & North East Sardinia

Isola Spargi in the Maddalena Archipelago, ©Richard_of_England/Flickr

As it is well known, the shores of Sardinia are breathtaking and it is indeed hard to break away from the graceful coast, however there are much more to see of it than its sandy beaches and brilliant turquoise waters.

Costa Smeralda is a place that gives home to Europe’s most luxurious, classy and chic resorts. It has beautiful white sand-beaches and crystal clear water. It is also very expensive. On the other hand, the north-eastern part of the island is not so glamorous. Hillsides covered with granite and lush macchia spills down the hidden coves and traditional market towns.

Visiting prehistoric remains in Arzachena

The town of Arzachena gives place to prehistoric ruins that include scattered around the Tomba di Gianti, the Li Muri Necropolis, Albucciu Nuraghe and the Coddu Vecchiu.

Albucciu Nuraghe, ©rosshuggett/Flickr

Riding the waves of Sardinia

If you are an active person who enjoys water sports, you will enjoy the possibilities given by the coastline of Sardinia. You can go sailing, scuba diving, wind-surfing and snorkeling in the deep blue sea.

If you choose windsurfing, go to the Isola Dei Gabbiani, where you will find excellent conditions and meet many other enthusiasts. Cannigione is also a fine place to enjoy any sport that involves water, but mostly water-skiing, fishing, windsurfing and sailing. Are you new to sailing? No worries! There are plenty sailing schools around the area where you most certainly will find an instructor who will be happy to teach you. For short, day trips pick up one of the small engine powered boats at the main docks and visit the Islands of Maddalena.

Isola Spargi in the Maddalena Archipelago, Richard_of_England/Flickr

Please note that the boats are suitable only for experienced seamen. On the way towards Capriccioli you find Cala di Colpe beach where you can hire windsurfs, pedalos and dinghies. You will also find reputable diving places there.

Holiday in a farm house

Sardinia has many lovely agriturismi. The word is a combination between ‘agriculture’ and ‘tourism’ and defines a vacationing farm house. In the farm restaurants among other things you can experience traditional Sardinian cuisine. We recommend you visit the Agriturismi la Sasima, Tenuta Pilastru and la Somara, which are located not far from San Pantaleo and Arzachena.


As another pastime we recommend you set off from Santa Teresa di Gallura and take the ferry boat to Corsica, a neighboring island. If you are already there you might want to visit Bonifacio the amazing fortress town.

Bonifacio, Corsica, ©Josef Grunig/Flickr

Inland adventures

Discover the rugged countryside, dramatic mountains towards the inlands and the small villages and character towns. You can travel on foot or by car, no matter which one you choose, you will not regret traveling to the inlands. You can also take the river train to Tempio Pausania. Enjoy a scenic journey to the countryside across the Galluran.




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