Best restaurants in Bologna

When visiting Bologna it is indeed important to plan ahead and quite in detail what to visit, how to get there, what is in the vicinity, where to find good and cheap accommodation etc, but half of your time spent on plans should definitely involve locating and finding the best restaurants in Bologna? I mean, just think about it. Besides the basic logic that without food you will not have the energy to fulfill all the above mentioned, not knowing which are the best restaurants in Bologna is like seeing this place but without having all the fun.

Therefore let me help you:

Ristorante Garganelli


Located on via del Pilastro 2/3, Ristorante Garganelli is one of the best choices. It offers absolutely fantastic and varied dishes served in a professional way. Leaving aside that that food is delicious it comes in nicely presented combination that will make your appetite go crazy. The stuff is really friendly and knowledgeable on the menus so ask for their recommendations with confidence. At the end of the evening you will be pleasantly surprised about the bill, which will be very reasonable for the exquisite meal you just had that will add another plus to this wonderful experience.

Da Cesari


You will find this amazing place on via de’Carbonesi 8. Although by looking at the decorations and architecture you might find Restaurant Da Cesari quite simple but cozy, once you put the first piece of food on your tongue, all the other details will not even matter. Everything from the appetizer to the second course is absolutely fantastic. Many of the wines the waiters will recommend are from their own vineyard, which will add a bit of charm to the entire experience.

La Traviata


If you go on via Urbana 5/c it is a must to stop at Restaurnat La Traviata. Surrounded by a really traditional décor, the owner of this place will recommend some of the best dishes they have if you only ask for his opinion. The ingredients are fresh and carefully chosen and mixed, creating a wonderful traditional Bolognese dish that will absolutely impress your senses. The pastas and tortellini are simply delicious and food local wine. Most of this restaurant’s clients are Italians, which confirms once again this places quality, even though it might come in handy to know some word in Italian. Therefore just order a little bit of everything and enjoy every second.

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