Best restaurants in Perugia

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Finding the proper place where to eat during your Italian holiday should really be piece of cake since Italians are famous for welcoming visitors with their best meals and culinary products. Therefore, writing about the best restaurants in Perugia is a very enjoyable task. I hope it will prove as such for you as well.

La Taverna

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This is a representative restaurant for the cuisine in the area (the Umbrian area) so it should definitely be on your eating out list while in Perugia. It is situated near the historic centre, on a very quiet and picturesque street (Corso Vannuci) so getting there means a very nice and pleasant walk to start with. Once there, you will step into the magic world of Chef Claudio Brugalossi, for whom cooking is equivalent with both quality and tradition. Thus, you will experience first rate Italian cuisine which will only more flavor to your already ‘flavored’ holiday. Of course, they also serve some international dishes but where’s the fun in that? You should know that all pasta is home made so if you have never tasted them like that prepare yourself for a new and tasty experience.

La Bottega di Perugia

From the high class cuisine of the above mentioned restaurant, this is the best choice for a frugal meal during the day. This shop is specialized in Italy’s famous ‘panini’ (the local sandwich) prepared only with local products. If you want, this is the Italian alternative to the American fast food, only much healthier and (I dare say) tastier.  You can find it in Morlacchi square and it is a small place, perfect for a quick meal.

Argentina Restaurant

The best thing about this one is represented by the two panoramic terraces from where you can admire the ancient part of Perugia. It may be odd to eat South American food in Italy but not when it is extremely well done. It’s like they have brought Argentina to Perugia, minutely recreating its style, its cuisine and charming people. I suggest you visit their site in advance to see what chances you have of eating there on one of their tango nights. Just imagine the electric and sensual atmosphere this dance creates!

As I have said, eating out in Perugia is just another piece that will complete your holiday. There are great places that will make you feel at home and abroad at the same time. Make sure to check out the best restaurants in Perugia but feel free to also experience on yourself, you cannot go wrong as far as Italian food is involved.

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