Best traditional dishes in Capri


I am quite sure all tourists include in their holiday plans not only relaxing on a beach or discovering a new city, but also tasting its traditional cuisine and educating their tastes accordingly. Caprishould make no exception to this, especially because it has so many delicious and diverse dishes to offer. Therefore let’s find out which are the best traditional dishes in Capri:

Specific ingredients and flavors

What is amazing about the Caprese cuisine is that everything is fresh and produced locally. The food abounds in fish, caught in the surroundings of course, and vegetables grown on the island. Emblematic ingredients of Capri are sun –ripened tomatoes, garlic, egg-plants, spiced peppers and a large diversity of aromatic herbs from basil and oregano to rosemary and parsley. In terms of cheese, Capri should not be forgotten. Caciotta and mozzarella cheese give specific taste and perfect the act of cooking on this amazing island.

What to order


Are you wondering what dishes in the menu are traditional? Let’s name only a few: Ravioli filled with caciotta and marjoram is Capri’s signature dish, marinated anchovies, Caponata, a wonderful light type of dish similar to a salad, totani e patate (cuttlefish and potatoes) and the island’s world-famous salad, Caprese salad. Also among the best traditional dishes in Capri you should not miss the local cake with delicious dark chocolate, which goes perfectly with the popular limoncello, the lemon made liqueur.

Best restaurants

Capri’s cuisine captures the Mediterranean flavors with amazing aromas and tastes. If while on the island you truly want to discover and cherish these amazing ingredients, then I have some suggestions for you:


Il Quisi Capri – is an elegant and some might say exclusive restaurant where people enjoy the finest Mediterranean cuisine, selecting from a diversified and I would dare to say almost perfect menu. This place will impress you with the heavenly dishes and the superb selection of champagnes and wines.

 Capricci – is a sophisticated place that combines almost to perfection the features of the classical Mediterranean and the modernity. In warm weather I recommend you ask for the way to the terrace where the staff serves lunch al fresco. I can guarantee a unique experience.

Lido del Faro– is most probably one of the most romantic restaurants you have ever seen. Located on the sea’s edge, amidst the rocks of Capri’s jagged coastline, Lido del Faro not only offers a breathtaking view, but also will enchant you with its dishes made of marinated salmon and anchovies.

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