Celebrate Easter in Italy

Unlike many other European countries Italy has struggled throughout the years to preserve its national traditions and local rituals and continuously fought against what some specialists call it “the process of globalization”. If you are eager to celebrate Easter in Italy then you should be ready to witness one of the most solemn and touching rituals and processions you have ever seen. Almost 90% of Italians belong to Roman Catholicism so every ritual is closely related to this religion. No bunny, no gifts, no commercials, just authentic and joyous celebration and pure faith.


Good Friday

In Roman Catholicism statues play a really important role. The Friday before Easter, locals dressed in traditional ancient costumes parade two of the most important statues alongside the town’s streets: the Virgin and Jesus. The procession is full of emotion and the large number of people attending it gives a certain solemnity to the entire ritual. In bigger and more modern cities, in which religion plays a secondary role, the locals display the statues in the main squares. Olive branches or palm fronds are used to ornate churches and some even take them home to decorate their house, but not before being blessed by priests.

Sometimes people even hold live scenarios of the stories written in the Bible so as to help everybody feel even more intensively the signification of Easter.

Easter Day

Easter is celebrated quite different depending on the region of Italy you find yourself at that time. In Florence for example a huge explosion will take place right on Easter Sunday, after the Mass. Do not panic and get ready for all the noise and the smoke as this big bang is said to bring good luck and a good harvest. Right after the explosion a wonderful and cheerful parade of medieval costumes follows.

In Tredozio, a commune located 60 km away from Bologna, traditions has it that on Easter Monday the locals take part in all kind of competitions with eggs.  Some other regions celebrate Easter through dancing, racing or spectacles.

Easter Meal

Everybody knows that Italians are great cooks and quality food addicted. Easter meal makes no exception to the rule. The classic Easter lunch would include fried artichokes or roasted goat with baby potatoes. Dessert is a must made of a delicious traditional pie or cakes.

Italians do not decorate eggs nor have Easter plays, but they do have exquisite chocolate Easter eggs or bunnies. The offer varies from small and cheap chocolate eggs perfect for children to expensive and delicious chocolate that can be offered as presents to friends or relatives.

Celebrating Easter in Italy definitely has a certain charm that you can only live only if you book a ticket and get there. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity. Easter is close!


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