Discover Bologna

Bologna is the capital of Emilia –Romagna, located between the Po River and theApennineMountains, more exactly between the two rivers:Renoand Savena. This city is one of the largest inItaly, being considered a dynamic, cosmopolitan and college place where thousands of young people come to study and have the fun of their lives. Like any other Italian city,Bologna has charming specific history, art, music and of course culture, being considered an important artistic center. In 2000 it was declared European capital of culture and in 2006 UNESCO named it as a “city of music”.

When to visit Bologna


The best time to discover Bologna is either in spring or in autumn, when the climate is mild and the temperatures more pleasant. The city has a continental climate, without any influence from the seaside, therefore the winters can be quite cold with abundant amount of snow, while summers are hot and muggy due to the humidity in the area. However if you dream for a holiday in Bologna from where you can head to the Breezy Adriatic beaches every day, then July and August are the perfect months for doing that.


Bologna’s international gateway is Guglielmo Marconi International Airport, the 10th busiest Italian airport for passenger traffic. Just like any other Italian city, Bologna has a Central Station, called Stazione Centrale, considered the most important train and bus hub. The system of public bus lines is called Azienda Transporti Pubblici Bologna, abbreviated ATC.

Specific characteristics of Bologna


The best way to truly discover Bologna is first to understand it and perceive it from the point of view of the others. This city is worldwide famous for its cuisine, being a perfect stop for an Italian holiday between Milan or Venice and Florence. The Italians consider it second in beauty after Venice; however, unlike the latter the mass of tourists coming to visit this amazing city is much less. That is why Bologna has the best preserved historic centers among the Italian cities, being much loved for its almost intact architecture and for its lively colors, hence the name of Bologna la rossa (Bologna the red). The locals are really friendly and courteous and really proud of their city, however keep in mind that only a few speak English so knowing a few words in Italian could be of great help sometimes. However the large number of away-from-home university students that this city hosts could get you out of trouble if need be. Just enjoy every moment, Bologna is simply perfect and stress free destination.

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