Discover Lake Como


Have you ever wondered how Heaven looks like? I’ll tell you how: exactly how Lake Como looks on a sunny day. This amazing lake making its way through the protective mountains is the perfect destination for a journey of re-discovering yourself and making acquaintance with the nature.  Lake Como nothing like what you have seen before and will simply take your breath away. That is why many VIPs, like Goerge Clooney decided to buy so many houses in here. So you have to trust my word, Discover Lake Como means revealing a new world. Let’s find out more about it.


Como, or Lago di Como as Italians call it, is actually a lake of glacial origin, being the third largest one in Italy, after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. It is also one of the deepest inEurope, being shaped much like letter “Y” and fed by Adda River.

The lake’s name stems from the Latin “Larius”, but this is used rarely. This name has actually been given by the town of Como, known to the Romans as “Comun”.

This place can brag with many villas and palaces belonging to many celebrities that wished for a house on the shore of this blessed lake. From Madonna to Versace, Ronaldinho to George Clooney , they all turned this area into a famous retreat for aristocrats and wealthy people.


Just like the northern Italy, Lake Como is characterized by a mild climate where tropical and sub-tropical plants grow without much effort. The average temperature in summer goes somewhere around 30 degrees and in winter around 13 degrees, mainly because the water helps to maintain a higher temperature in the surrounding area. It snows rarely and rain is really heavy on the month of May.


Lake Como is widely famous for its breathtaking scenery, wildlife, quite and tranquil parks, spas and wonderful boat trips. It is also the perfect place for sailing, kite surfing, windsurfing, but also family picnics. You can spend the day just walking through the small and picturesque streets of the city admiring the traditional houses or take the ferry and enjoy the landscape from a totally different angle. You can take adventurous trips to the mountain, by car or by bus or just take advantage of the day by sitting with a delicious cocktail at a terrace and contemplating the nature. In a nutshell, Lake Comohas it all, for all tastes and all budgets.

Just dare, let your imagination go wild and Discover Lake Como!

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