Discover Perugia’s story

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A place changes its significance once you get to know its past. Each monument and stone, each room from the palaces you visit looks different if you have accumulated in advance a bit of that city’s history. Perugia makes no exception to this rule, therefore let’s discover Perugia’s story so that your holiday get even more charming and interesting.

The Beginnings

What everybody should know is that Perugia’s history is very closely related to the Etruscans. The city was firs an Umbrian settlement and was first mentioned in the documents under the name of Perusia. Just like any other culture, this place has undergone many battles and fought alongside Rome in the Second Punic War. Unfortunately the city was almost completely burnt, with the exception of Etruscan terrace walls and the place became so vulnerable that it could have been basically occupied by whoever chose. History has it that Peursia has been rebuilt and regained such a force that it turned out to be the only city in the region that resisted Totila, a famous  and skilled king of the Ostrogoths. In the 9th century the popes became the leading power but two centuries later Perugia gained and maintained its independence.

The Medieval Times

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Perugia soon turned into a place of tranquility for the popes tired of the tumultuous life in Rome. However, strangely enough Perugia never really accepted this papal sovereignty. In the following centuries the cities protected itself from the neighbors attracted by its beauty, such as: Arezzo, Todi, Siena, Assisi and Foligno. However, the 14th century is characterized by a period of violent outbursts caused by the fight between the Nobles and the Populars and by the continuous struggle to get out of the pope dominance, which finalized with the Peace of Bologna, signed in 1370, when, unfortunately, having no other choice, Perugia was forced to recognize and accept the Papal authority.

The 15th century is strongly marked by the Baglioni family and the 16th century finds a city placed under the direct control of the Papal State.

The moment when Perugia truly regained its freedom is only in the 19th century, once with the creating on Kingdom of Italy.

Perugia Nowadays

Knowing the way Perugia is ruled nowadays is also an important piece of this puzzle called Let’s discover Perugia’s past. Today the city is rules by Wladimiro Boccali, a member of the Democratic Party. It is the capital city of the Umbrian region and it is widely known due to its chocolate.


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