Discover Sicily – tours and sightseeing

Group of tourists in Selinunte, ©Alun Salt/Flickr

Group of tourists in Selinunte, ©Alun Salt/Flickr

When you go on vacation it is very important to be well organized, especially if you want to see as much as your time can allow. You must always plan ahead before you even set out because it can save you tons of time. First think of the most important sights you would like to visit. Next you must consider transportation options.

You can choose from driving, public transportation, taxi or walking. Take into consideration the distances between the sights and the time you have. There is a lot to discover in Sicily so we recommend you to plan your vacation thoughtfully so you can enjoy your stay at maximum.

Independent exploring

The simplest way to discover is walking on your own feet. Nobody tells you what to do or which way to go. You make your own program, make stops whenever you feel like it and make the most of it your way. In some areas walking is the only way you can explore the territory, such as the streets of Old Palermo, Ortygia in Sircusa or Agrigento.

Independent exploring, ©Dan Bock/Flickr

Independent exploring, ©Dan Bock/Flickr

If you feel safer or you want to learn more you can hire a guide who will take you to the most important sights and learn information which only a local guide could tell you. You must also prepare for a hike if you are on foot as many sites such as the towns of Erice, Cefalu and Taormina are on undulating terrain and require more stamina.

Private tours

Museums and certain historical sites are worth seeing in a guided tour. You can hire a driver who can take you only to the sites that you actually want to see so you don’t have to waste your time on every little thing that you might not even find interesting. The local tour guides are well known for being highly-trained; they speak several languages and most certainly are experienced professionals.

Sicily's historical site in Siracusa, ©eGuide Travel/Flickr

Sicily’s historical site in Siracusa, ©eGuide Travel/Flickr

Group tours, tour buses and shore excursions

If you want to make it a whole day excursion you can always join a group tour and visit Taormina, Palermo or Siracusa. Note that tours as such must be reserved in advance otherwise you might not have a place on the spot. To see the historical part of certain towns we recommend you the tour buses which take you to several places of interest such as the Norman Palace and others.

Group of tourists in Selinunte, ©Alun Salt/Flickr

Group of tourists in Selinunte, ©Alun Salt/Flickr

Buy a daily ticket and you can jump on and off the bus whenever and wherever you like as there are several stops. There are many excursions setting out from Catania, Trapani and Messina from where there are several sights only a cruise away.

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