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If you have ever wondered where is the center of this famous boot shaped peninsula, called Italy, then time has come to find out that Perugia is located at the exact center of this country. Beautiful picturesque medieval town, with visible traces of the Etruscan civilization, Perugia can be ranked among the first in a top most beautiful Italian attractions. Are you interested to discover what Perugia can offer? In just a few words: educated people, amazing music, breathtaking landscapes and fascinating stories about a heroic past.

Let’s find out a little bit more about these aspects:


Perugia is world-wide known for its great universities and for the high number of foreign people coming here to study. University of Perugia and Foreigners University are only but a few such places that serve as source of education, intercultural experience and why not, life lessons for young people of all over the world.


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Jazz lovers should definitely take into consideration a trip to Perugia. It is here where one of the most important venues for jazz in Europe is held. The Umbria Jazz festival takes place in July and gathers passionate jazz fans from all around the continent. Just make sure you occupy a seat as close to the stage as possible, grab a delicious cocktail, close your eyes and feel the vibe. You will appreciate every second of it!


Perugia is made up of hills and valleys, so no matter where you are, at less than 5 minutes walk you will have a mesmerizing panorama over the town. If you add to this the fact that architecturally speaking, little has changed in the past 400 years, then you can realize what a valuable treasure this place is. The cobbled medieval streets, with their unique slopes mixed with unexpected stairs will add a certain charm to this picturesque city called Perugia.


Perugia’s past is closely related to thehistory of Umbrians, then of the Estruscans. Due to its brave and heroic people, this city has turned into a powerful and independent state and for many centuries it fought for preserving its freedom and keeping its dignity against the neighbors and long-distance enemies.  The papal rule had a great influence on the city’s past, traces of this can be seen even nowadays.

If you really want to discover what Perugia can offer, you need to try a little bit of everything from wandering alone on the medieval streets, to trying traditional dishes and making conversation with the locals, take part at the most famous festivals, meet the students and enjoy the scenery. You will not regret even a second of it.

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