Discovering Naples

It is quite strange and ironic at the same time how many stories I have heard of people visiting Italy for the first time and simply avoiding and refusing to visit one of the country’s most amazing cities: Naples. Why is that ironic? Because they have no idea what they are missing. Naples is the diva of the Italian south, is a destination of extraordinary excitement and of mesmerizing contradictions. Although quite difficult to define, it is absolutely impossible to ignore it once you’ve arrived in the area. Discovering Naples simply means getting into a new world.


Naplesis located by the Gulf of Naples, onItaly’s south west coast. Lying between two important volcanoes, among which Mount Vesuvius, the only European volcano that has erupted within the last hundred years, Naples is the capital of Campania region and Naples province.


If you plan to visit this amazing place, bear in mind thatNapleshas wet yet mild winters and warm and dry summers, so do chose your clothes accordingly.


Naples is the main hub for southern Italy. If you intend to visit it by bus then SITA Company covers the Amalfi Coast, CTP, which connects the city to Caserta and Benevento and EUROLINES operating many other Italian cities as well as the rest of Europe.

By train, you can choose from Intercity and Eurostar, as there are up to 30 trains connecting the capital to Naples and some many others between Naples and Paris, Milan, Madrid and even London. The cheapest solution to get to Naples from Europe is to take the airplane to Rome and from there the train to the final stop.

However if you want to visit Naples by car, keep in mind that driving in this city is a true test of courage (like in entire Italy I would dare say). The one-way streets, restrictions on non-residents for certain areas and especially on the historic centre (closed from 8 am to 6:30 pm) might get you a little confused. However it is worth mentioning that fromRomeit takes you 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach Naples, from Milan 7 hours and 15 minutes and from Salerno only 1 hour.

Discovering Naples comes natural only if you free your mind and get rid of all misconceived perceptions you ever had before. Although a classic city of the Mediterranean south, Naples is always full of surprises. Just dare and you will not regret your decision.

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