Family activities in Florence

Indeed Florence is more about wondering around the wonderful places reminding of the glorious period of the Renaissance, but don’t you ever try to limit this amazing city only to this. Besides being one of the culinary capitals of Italy, Florencealso offers a wide variety of activities catering to almost every market and all persons of any age, kids included. There are so many interesting family activities in Florence that your children will never get bored and will ask you to go back to this amazing place as soon as possible.

Therefore let’s find out the options:

1.Pinocchio Park

I am sure you are so used to the popular amusement parks where children have the times of their lives meeting characters of their cartoons, playing their favorite sports or trying different modern machineries. Well despite your expectationsPinocchioParkis nothing you have ever seen before. This place is the charming piece of work of many artists that put their mind and soul to transform the nature into wonderful fairytales. Thanks to art and nature, kids will learn that playing means also using their imagination.PinocchioParkis made of breathtaking picnic areas, a café, a huge playground with wooden toys, a large chessboard and a shop.

2. Museo dei Ragazzi

Even if I may repeat myself, I am telling you, there is no other place in this world where you can stir your kids’ imagination as inFlorence. The youngest tourists visiting Museo dei Ragazzi are children of 3 years old. The activities here are carried out by student or actors taking care that the visitors enjoy themselves to the fullest. What they lay emphasis on is interactivity. Kids are put into different situations, experimenting different things or dressing up like the characters of their stories and thus start discovering themselves better.

3.Stibbert Museum

Your children, especially the boys, might also be interested in seeing one of the most impressive western arms and Japanese armor collection in the world. The 36,000 artifacts will remind your kids about the Samurai stories while you can enjoy a delicious Italian cafe at the bookstore available within the museum grounds. However, beware that there are 57 rooms to be seen, so make sure you reserve at least half of day for this journey.

Therefore do not forget. Florenceis not only for lover, it is also for kids. You will be taken aback by the varied number of family activities in Florence, so do not fret about bringing the youngest members of your family toItaly.

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