Family activities in Rome

I bet that when you planned your trip to Rome the first thing that came to your mind was: Ok, but whom are we going to leave the kids with? Guess what, you do not need to worry about this, because even though the majority would consider the Eternal City not so hospitable for children and families, there are however many family activities in Rome that you can enjoy.

Rome Children’s Museum

What could be more interesting and unique for you and your family than visiting Explora also known as the Children’s Museum in Rome? It is located on Via Flaminia 82 and focuses on the main character the kids possess at an early age, exploring. This amazing place is divided into four main sections: Me, Society, Environment, and Communication each one helping your son or daughter discover the world surrounding them.

Kid’s Cinema

On Viale della Pineta 15 you will come across the smallest cinema in the world, also certified by Guinness Book of World Records, Cinema dei Piccoli. Your kids will me mesmerized by every element of this chalet style building and will have the fun of their life watching kids’ films. If you are looking for a certain movie just check their offical website at

Rome Zoo

Also located in Villa Borghese, in Rome’s vicinity, Rome Zoo is a great attraction for families and tourists coming from all over the world. Bioparco as the locals call it, can brag with a high diversity of flora and special areas and exhibits destined to children. The entrance fee is 12.50 for adults and 10.50 for children older than 12 years old. In case of any questions you can always send an email to and get your answer.

The Theater

If you are in the vicinity, it should be a shame not to stop at San Carlino Puppet Theater. You will find it on Pincio Hill and even though the plays will be in Italian they will offer a great experience to you and your family. The puppets will however make the majority of the show and your kids will spend a wonderful time.

Enjoy the city

Last but not least Rome is the perfect destination for a wonderful walk on the breathtaking streets full of stories and legendary heroes. Piazza Italia, Piazza Spagna, the Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi and many others are perfect places for a nice and relaxed stroll together with the family. Just dress accordingly, get your packs and begin your mini adventure.
There are so many others family activities in Rome that you will just have to get there first and start prioritizing them. Just do not leave your kids home and give them the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience.

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