Fascinating places in Naples

Many people claim that visiting Naples is quite a straightforward experience; you can either fall in love or totally dislike it. However I cannot think of a single reason why some someone can possible not like all the fascinating places in Naples. This city is about culture, glorious past, crystal-clear sea, adventurous trips to the volcanoes, delicious discovery of the first pizza and why not reliving the famous story of the Italian Mafia.Naples will definitely win you over and seduce you. I can guarantee you that.

However there is a small effort you should take in order to discover the fascinating places in Naples, that is knowing where to go and what to visit. Therefore here we go:

1. Spacca Napoli

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SpaccaNapoli is a road that literally splits the city into two (spaccare means to split in Italian). It is an absolutely charming street, 2 km long and 6 meters wide, taking you to one of the most characteristic areas ofNaples, where the main churches and historical buildings lie. As you might expect this road is always crowded with people which create a dynamic atmosphere in this old, full-blooded city.

2. Underground Naples

As fascinating and mysterious it might sound, it is real, Naples has a city under the city. What is even more alluring about this discovery is its age; archaeologists have found artifacts dating back 5000 years. Visiting the underground Naples means reliving the distant past , witnessing the imposing funeral artifacts and the Roman build aqueducts, tunnels and caverns.

3. Via San Gregorio Armeno

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This street is famous mainly due to the “nativity scenes” that tourists can either admire or buy from this place. It is a beautiful road linking the old city to the important parts ofNaples. If you are looking for gifts for the dear ones, you should just follow this road, as all the artistic and commercial businesses are in here, from sculptors and gilders to craftsmen and jewelers.

4. Piazza del Plebiscito

Another fascinating place inNaplesis Piazza del Plebiscito. It has been recently renovated and it has the shape of an amphitheatre, being surrounded by important monuments such as Basilica San Francesco di Paola, Galleria Umberto I and the Royal Palace. It might remind you of the other amazing squares inItaly, therefore do not miss the Neapolitan variant of the Italian square. Once you see it you can start visiting its surrounding monuments, located at one minute walking distance.

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