Festive Events in Costa Smeralda

Gianluca Petrella at Berchidda Jazz Festival, ©gigi murru/Flickr

Italians have a refined way of celebrating every occasion, let it be an important or a less significant one but they are in a festive mood especially when it comes to religious events. In almost every month there is a special festive event which gives a reason to have fun and spend a great time together with friends and family. The majority of these events happen during the summer months however you might crash one or two of them in the winter, spring or autumn seasons. We made a list for you above which includes the main events in Costa Smeralda throughout the year. If you would like to attend any of them make sure you book your holiday for the date.

Winter events

If it’s winter, it is carnival time. During the winter months, especially in February all you will see is masked figures and people walking around in costumes. All the towns and villages around the island of Sardinia are dressed up for the parade drinking and eating traditional beverages and foods. Join the locals in their celebration and enjoy the music going on day and night. If you are planning to visit Costa Smeralda during winter time prepare yourself for the carnival atmosphere!

Carnival time in Sardinia, ©cristianocani/Flickr

Easter holiday and other spring celebrations

Spend your Easter holiday in Sardinia where during this time of the year the towns are dressed up in dramatic displays while the locals celebrate this happy day when Jesus was raised from the dead. In May the Porto Rotondo, a sailing competition, takes place on Costa Smeralda, which brings many visitors to the island. Admire skilled and experienced sailors fighting for the Estiva Cup. The race for the Louis Vuitton Trophy also won in a water-based competition happens on the island of La Maddalena where all the yachting enthusiasts gather together to view or take part in the competition.

La Maddalena, ©Michela Simoncini/Flickr

Events in the hot season

As it was mentioned, most of the events take place during the summer season. Every year in June the Costa Smeralda yachting club organizes its sailing show where all visitors and spectators can admire the varied types and kinds of sailing crafts. In July the Fish Fair takes place in Santa Teresa Gallura, an event marking the rebellion from the beginning of the 19th century. The event celebrates sea offerings. Visit Santa Teresa Gallura and taste the fried fish and other delicacies. August is the busiest of all the summer months. It is a time of festival events and jazz music.

Gianluca Petrella at Berchidda Jazz Festival, ©gigi murru/Flickr

The International Folkolre Festival is held during the summer carnival. It is sort of a folklore festival where various ethnic groups join in and get on stage. For some live entertainment join in the Tempio Pausiana carnival and enjoy the dancing, live music and fireworks. One of the most important events of Sardinia is the international Jazz festival which features several concerts and shows in the town of Berchidda.

There is no event celebration without wine! Visit north-east Sardinia and join in the Festival of Monti Vermention and smell the flavor of grapes in the breeze. Taste the local wine and spread the word.

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