Five towns to visit in Alghero & Northwestern Sardinia

Bosa, ©david.nikonvscanon/Flickr

Italy is a beautiful and charming country with lots of places to see and visit. Alghero and the northwestern region of Sardinia are among the best locations worth visiting. Italy has many picturesque towns and cities, which you can visit. You can travel through the country by bus or train or hire a car and see all the sights and landmarks in your own pace. Above we listed the five best places you should see in the region of Alghero and the northwestern part of Sardinia: Alghero, Sassari, Stintino, Castelsardo and Bosa. Soak up some Italian culture and history by visiting the best towns of the region.


Alghero, ©scarabeo150/Flickr

The town of Alghero is very abundant in regard of culture and history and its beaches are splendid place for a walk or to lie down and just relax in the sun. People with all tastes, needs and expectations will find something to do here. There are green areas for nature lovers and shops for those who have some money to spend. The beaches are outstanding in this region. The further you travel out of town the beaches get more beautiful and less crowded. Visit Alghero and spend there your holiday.


Sassari, ©loriszecchinato/Flickr

The second most important town on the island of Sardinia is the town of Sassari. This location is also very rich in history. Sassari is the provincial capital which lies not far from Alghero. The best time to visit Sassari is on Ascension Day when a very important Sardinian festival is held there called the Cavalcata Sarda. You can see a presentation of local customs and a large display of horsemanship.


Stintino country paradise, ©Andrepax/Flickr

In Stintino you will find Sardinia’s best beaches along the northern coast. Many tourists are attracted to it because of the beautiful clear water and sandy beach. The National Park of Asinara is close by the town and from Porto Nuovo you can get there. Its most popular beach is Pelosa, with its dazzling sand and the amazing landmark, the Tower of Piana Island.


Castelsardo, ©CdePaz/Flickr

The town of Castelsardo has been founded in the 12th century and has been occupied by foreigners for a long period of time. In the year of 1326 the Spaniards renamed it Castel Aragonese and only in the second half of the 18th century did it become Castelsardo. Visit the castle of the town and enjoy a splendid view to Corsica. During the celebration of Easter the town holds a series of masses and a torchlight parade.


Bosa, ©david.nikonvscanon/Flickr

The town of Bosa is mostly famous for its exquisite sweet wines. The land in this area is very fertile and due to this it has been inhabited for a long time. The town stretches over a hill and has a picturesque view to the mountains and the ocean.

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