Florence By Night


Just like all other Italian cities, night brings a new perspective on Florenceas well. The wonderfully illuminated buildings, the less crowded streets, the fresh air and the dynamism offered by the pubs and restaurants alluring the tourists with the delicious dishes and crazy music will help you discover a totally new city. Florence By Night is simply amazing. It has everything you could wish for: either peaceful and quiet places where you can spend romantic moments with your partner or agitated and joyful pubs where you can have the time of your life. It’s just a matter of tastes or moods.

Clubs and discos

Space Electronic Nigh Club is the perfect destination for a crazy night. This double story place plays modern music and is locally known for its wonderful atmosphere. On the first floor you will find a karaoke and an American style bar and of course a conversation area, whereas on the second floor you will come across the dance floor with lasers and an amazing space ship hovering somewhere above.

The club is located on Via Palazzuolo, 37. There is no dress code imposed, so you can just pick up something casual.

A short walk fromFlorence city centre, Central Park is a massive and popular club. It is made up of five dance floors, each with its own DJs and particular music. However just like any other place that respects itself, the entrance fee is quite high, meaning somewhere around 20 euro. For this money you will receive a small card on which will be marked each drink purchased. What you drink beyond this sum will be paid on the way out.

Piazzas at night

Maybe a totally new perspective over the city will reveal to you if seeing it at night. Just start with Piazza del Duomo. You will be mesmerized by the colors of the church in the dusky light. You can continue with Piazza of Signoria, perfect for sitting and seeing the young and the old going here and there and sometimes enjoying the interesting street musicians.

If you feel cold, just follow the Florentine custom of passing the night at the wine bars and wine cellars. The variety of wines is absolutely incredible and the atmosphere is really relaxed, but they close really early, at around one a clock. Here is a short list of such wonderful places: l’Osteria fuori porta, l’Antica mescita, Pane e vino, la Cantinetta di Verrazzano.

In a nutshell Florence By Night is totally unexpcted and still so specific to Italy. Enjoy every moment!


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