Florence or the Cradle of Renaissance


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Maybe some of you will ask themselves why has Florence been called „the Cradle of Renaissance”? And that is a good question to ask if you are planning to visit this amazing city. Imagine yourself wandering through the streets full of traces of a flourishing past and not being able to understand and eventually appreciate the true grandeur of this place. It is such a pity not to inform yourself on the events and people that helped this city become what it is today that we decided to offer you this article called “Florence or the Cradle of Renaissance”.


As its name suggests “Renaissance” is a Rebirth that actually took place all over Europe. However history has it that this cultural movement actually started in an amazingly beautiful city called Firenze (in English Florence). This place’s every aspect from economy to its writers, painters and sculptures helpedFlorencebecome a true model of the Renaissance culture.

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How did everything begin? From the money, how else! Florence was lucky enough to be home of important art guilds that regulated the trades and eventually led to the city’s commercial success. The members of these guilds, besides being awfully rich, also held important positions in the government. However these people had been smart enough to invest a big part of their money in culture, from philosophy to painting and literature. That is how this important cultural change and achievement was born, marking thus the transition from Medieval to Early Modern Times.


Humanism should be the keyword for this thriving period. Gone were the days when people considered that education should only be for the clergy, when art was seen as blasphemous and when the fate was already written and waiting for each one of us to fulfill it. Petrarch or the father of Humanism considered that this should be a civic duty. He placed man and his relation to the world at the center of his studies and beliefs.

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Florence gave birth to many important names such as Michelangelo Buonarotti, Raphael Santi and many others, whereas art started rejecting any Gothic features, returning to the ancient Greek elements. The Florentine artists started personalizing their pieces of work and sought to explain it from a scientifical point of view.

Many have been the reason why when referring to this city many say Florence or the Cradle of Renaissance. In politics, culture, art and even administration, everything got reorganized and refreshed according to the new laws of Renaissance.

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