Gems of Perugia’s cuisine

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I assume that you are dying to know what the gems of Perugia’s cuisine are, because I am sure you have exactly the same problem that I have when going to a restaurant in a foreign country: you do not know what to order. You suddenly feel stuck fighting between your huge hunger that tells your brain not to take the risk of ordering something that sounds really strange and your curiosity, which tells you to try something new and if possible really traditional, but if possible, without the risk of getting a dish you will not like.

Therefore let’s find out what are the gems of Perugia’s cuisine:


Perugia’s cuisine is very close to nature and its people. The main ingredients used in this kitchen are the most common vegetables and fruits, as well as water and flour. Almost all major recipes are associated to an important festival celebrating agriculture and aim at being affordable for the majority of locals. Polenta is also pretty much appreciated inPerugia, really cheap and quite filling. It is a ground corn meal, easy to prepare and really delicious. Rice and the famous risotto are also popular in this area ofItaly, gaining its “victims” with its amazing taste and creamy texture. Some other wonderful ingredients are: black truffles, olive oil, dried pasta and sweets, especially cakes.

Another important accessory to a meal inPerugiais the wine. The most common ones are Sangrantino di Monfalcone and Orvietto Classicos.


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Eggplant Parmesan – it takes you almost 2 hours to cook this delicious dish, but every second is worth your effort. All you need is some eggplants, olive oil, tomato sauce and garlic. You will find many variants of this recipe on the internet so simply buy the needful and start cooking.

Pollo in porchetta – what many tourist might not know is thatPerugia’s people are really fond of pork meat.  However, this so called chicken covered in pork meat recipe is actually a common chicken prepared in the so called “porchetta style”. What you need is a humble chicken, some prosciutto, extra virgin oil, rosemary, garlic and of course, garlic and pepper.

Some other really delicious recipes that you can either try at home or order at the restaurant are: chestnuts and chicken soup, a rustic and simple soup that will make you lick your fingers or brustengolo, a delicious desert made of maize flour.

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