Gems of the Italian cuisine

It is absolutely impossible to visit Italy without having at least one guilty thought about the delicious pastas, the flavoured pizzas and the sweet and fruity gelatos. Even the Best Seller writer, Elizabeth M. Gilbert, in her famous memoirs “Eat, Pray, Love” talks about discovering herself on a journey through one of the best things this world has ever created: the gems of Italian cuisine.

A journey about yourself

To understand the history of the Italian cuisine, first of all you need to remake the entire puzzle of the bits and pieces that contributed to its birth, each one with its particularities and glorious stories. You will need to learn about the Celts, the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs, the Normans, the Spanish etc, all those that gave to this amazing cuisine a precious and unique gift: its variety. Together with the Mediterranean climate that God decided to offer to this wonderful people, the Italian cuisine has all the reasons to impress not only through diversity but also through the freshness and quality of its products.

The 3 icons

Just like our heroine Elizabeth you cannot leave this blessed land without tasting the three most important dishes that the Italians brag with, even if this might cost you a few kilos extra.

La vera pizza – If it’s the world’s best pizza then it is definitely Naples. The maestros around here seem to put something magic in the ingredients because for them making pizza means making art. You will find a wide variety of pizzas out if which you can choose your favourite: the simple but flavoured Pizza Napolitana, made of tomatoes and Mozzarella, Pizza Romana or Pizza Cappriciosa with cooked ham and mushrooms added to the basic elements, Pizza Quattro Stagioni  with the same ingredients, but separated on each slice and hundreds of many other.

The best places to enjoy a delicious pizza in Naples are: Da Michele located on Via Sersale, 13, Di Matteo (Via dei Tribunali, 94), Lombardi ( Via Foria) and La Notizia on Via Caravaggio, 53-55.

The gelato – Unlike all other ice creams the Italian gelato is different because of its consistency and flavours. The best gelato is definitely homemade, prepared with fresh eggs and milk. Sweets lovers have found it hard to establish the exact place where they can taste the best ice cream in the world, what they know for sure is that no matter where they go in Italy they cannot possibly fail. Some claim that the heart of gelato’s mastery has been set up in Rome and San Crispino, located on Via della Paneterria 42, is the perfect place to begin this wonderful journey of tastes.

Lasagna – These amazing sheets of pastas filled with delicious parmesan and flavoured meat and tomatoes goes perfectly with wine lovers. It is exactly what it needs for a romantic dinner on the charming hills of Tuscany.  Just make a reservation at Boccadama located on PIAZZA SANTA CROCE 25/26r and your evening is assured.

No matter where you go in this world, no matter if it’s gnocchi, tortellini, spaghetti, home made sweets,  the gems of the Italian cuisine will always be present in the menu, but as Italians might say it you can only find the real flavours back to where it all began, in the breathtaking Italy.

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