Have fun in Gardaland

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This is an excellent destination for families with children who will definitely be extremely pleased with this stay. And to tell you the truth, the parents (or any adult for that matter) will also be excited and will have fun in Gardaland just like any kid. This amusement park is designed to surprise you with every of its activities and is a nice break from all the history and culture that Italy usually encounters you with.

Info about it

Gardaland is Italy’s largest and most famous amusement park. Located very close to Verona, it took its name from the surrounding Lake Garda. The park is visited annually by millions of people and offers a variety of well thought themed attractions. Sights not to be missed are Corsari and Fuga di Atalantida. The park has a huge area devoted entirely to children and from 2003 the park has its own hotel which is very successful. Prezzemello is the mascot of the park.


Amusament Park © geograph.org.uk

  • Blue Tornado – is the most famous in Italy. Inspired by Top Gun, is a roller coaster that offers dizzying turns, looping and accelerations sites that will leave you breathless. You have the impression that you are in a fighting plane.
  • Fuga di Atlantide – water slide. It is one of the most famous in Europe. The craft will walk along the ruins of Atlantis’. Poseidon arrives and condemns the sailors to a very long and very wet drop!
  • Valley of the Kings – is a family attraction. In floating crafts, the passengers slowly enter the Valley of the Kings following a team of explorers in search of a treasure. The scenario is simple but directing and special effects are carefully thought: strobe lights, noise and good music. It is an attraction for the whole family even if some scenes might frighten children.
  • Magic Mountain – is a conventional roller coaster which offers two looping sites.
  • Ortobruco Tour – family attraction. A small roller coaster especially for young people who are seeking thrills. Installed on board a yellow and pink smiley caterpillar, you will make a series of dizzying and terrifying turns.
  • Sequoia Adventure – is the first attraction of its kind in the world. Sequoia will ride on a vertical line that turns 180 degrees and you upside down.
  • Space Vertigo – after having been alerted by a ‘bacteriological alarm’, you will use the launch ramp beneath your feet. You will be propelled 4 m high with a speed of 5m per second. At this point the machine falls into the bay: you cannot escape the intergalactic war and you will quickly fall down to earth … in a free fall!

The Sea Life Park is a novelty. This is a large aquarium, a miracle in the world of water, where you can admire a lot of sea creatures taking a stroll through a deep tunnel. The park opens in March till the end of September. It is also open on special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas or New Year.

And now it’s your turn to have fun in Gardaland; check its official site for the cost of the tickets (you can even buy them online), promotions and opening hours and then off you go…

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