Having fun in Milan

There should be nothing simpler to achieve while traveling in Italy than having fun in Milan. This city has such an incredible dynamism and is able to offer such diversified and exciting activities that it would be almost impossible to get bored. Free time events and night life are well catered for by the Milanese. Just set your mind on doing something and the city will put at your disposal everything you wish for.

A must in Milan – “Aperitivo”

As explained in earlier posts, “aperitivo” (aperitif) is a drink one usually serves before meal as an appetizer, usually accompanied by some delicious snack. In Milan the so called “snack” is quite consistent and manages to ease anybody’s hunger. However behind this entire culinary pretext the aperitivo ritual represents a great way of socializing, meeting old friends, making new acquaintance and practice the Italian you’ve learnt so far. The atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful at the same time, preparing you for the night to come.

The best place to enjoy delicious cocktail and really good snacks in Milan is: Noon, located on Via Boccacco, an awesomely illuminated place in wooden furniture that creates a glamorous atmosphere. The DJ lounge is also very appealing with small tables and leather booths; needless to mention the delicious snacks and the wide variety of refreshing beverages that will make your stay even more pleasant.

A different Milan

If you are looking for something different and you want to capture the true nature of this amazing city then just wait for the sun to sets over Milan. This is the moment when this place comes to live and charges its inhabitants with an addictive energy. However do not mingle in all this delirium. Just stay aside and watch the night life emerge on a unique coach tour, just perfect for introducing you to the city’s social live stage. Start with Brera gallery and Navigli area and continue your itinerary however your heart desires. Watch the diversity of people, their gestures, their attitude, clothes, the way they interact and take at least a drop of their joy back home with you.

At 11pm you can go clubbing and start experiencing the Milanese night life. In Milan clubs cost the price of a drink, somewhere around 7euro and several clubs have introduced a pay-as-you-leave-system. Pay attention to your ticket because the fine is very high.  The party usually goes on till 4 am when this city finally goes to sleep for a few hours but only to prepare for an exciting new day.

Having fun in Milan is always guaranteed. Just book your ticket and let the adventure begin.

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