How to get around in Perugia


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Perugia is a large town, situated on wonderful hills and valleys that create beautiful panoramic views but also difficult access. More than in any other city, knowing how to get around in Perugia is the key to a relaxing and comfortable holiday. The majority of the most important attractions are up on the hill and the public transportation has been created in such way as to offer mobility and flexibility to locals and visitors. Even the cobblestoned streets might seem confusing to you and you will soon realize than you are actually going in circles, therefore finding out how to get around in Perugia is really important.

Get in Perugia

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Before actually knowing how to move around the city, it would be quite useful to discover all the possibilities of getting to Perugia.

By air – Peugia has a small airport receiving only a few flights from cities like Milan, Bucharest, London and Barcelona. Some other major airports that you can find in the vicinity are Rome, only three hours away and Milan’s Malpensa airport, 7 hours away. Bologna and Pisa’s airports can also be taken into consideration, even though they are a little further away.

By train – If you landed in Rome and you would like to find a fast and cheap way to get to Perugia, then the train is the best option. Just take Treno Regionale; it only costs you around €11 and you reach the destination in 3 or 4 hours.

By bus- The bus is also an option if you are heading from Rome to Perugia. It costs you €20 but you will get to the city faster than by train.

Get around Perugia

Perugia has a great bus system. You can basically take any bus from Perugia’s train station and you will get up to the hill into town. Another great project that Perugia can brag about is its mini metro. Just outside the front door of the train station you will notice the metro station, which not only offers comfort but also assures you a fast and exciting climb to the hill where Perugia’s old city lies. The rail coaches leave the station every 20 minutes and the ticket of the environmental friendly and smooth ride costs only €1.50.

If you decided to rent a car, then you might find it useful to know that the main car park, especially for tourists, is in Piazza Partigiani. From there you have plenty of options to visit the surrounding areas or to take the escalator up to the hill.


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