Italian customs


What could be more charming and alluring when visiting a country if not being witness to one of its most intimate events, its customs? Italy definitely has a special flavor when it comes to such aspects of the cultural life, as the Italian customs are full of magic and glorious stories together with wonderful people bounds and family relationships.

When going to the restaurant

There are several Italian culture customs that you should bear in mind once you enter the door of one of the many amazing restaurants in Italy. First of all keep in mind that all menus are displayed right at the entrance, where you can make an idea of the prices and the dishes. Because the Italians love to eat well, the first menu is usually made of 70-80g of pasta in different combinations, followed by a dish containing either meat or fish with vegetables and of course at the end the dessert, a cake or a fruit. In the North people got used to drink a strong alcoholic beverage that will help their full stomach to better digest the food.

Also please be aware that in Italy it is rude to stay with your hands in your lap; your forearms should lean against the table.  If you are invited to an Italian event try any food the host will offer you, but don’t push yourself to eat everything from the plate, no one will get offended.

In restaurants nobody will rush you to finish your meal so as to pass the table to other customers and the waiter will not bring you the bill unless you’ve asked for it.  So don’t get mad and be assertive!


In Italy never show something by pointing your index finger. It is considered rude and many Italians will make fun of you by using three or four of their fingers to point.

After serving the lunch ask for a cafe instead of a cappuccino, thus you will avoid many of the strange looks and funny looks.

Never eat your ‘panino’ (sandwich) in the bus, train or any other means of transportation. It is not only considered rude but also unhygienic.

Do not make Mafia related jokes; Italians don’t find them so amusing and besides you can never know whom are you telling the joke to. J

Wearing short or being poorly dressed in Italy is quite rare. Italy is one of the greatest capitals of fashion so you can expect seeing well-dressed people and high quality clothes. Just think twice before making your luggage.

If you made it to Italy make another effort and start learning some Italian. The locals will appreciate your gesture and your general culture will get richer.

If you respect yourself pay attention to these small details we call the Italian customs and put them into practice once you get there.

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