Lakeside villas at Como


It is quite fascinating how man adapted nature to its needs and it’s even more interesting seeing how he struggled to do this so as to emphasize its best features and make its every corner even more appealing. This is exactly what happened at Lake Como. Besides the wonderful natural landscape, the perfect mingle between the mountain and the lake, the locals wisely built attractive and wonderful small houses. These lakeside villas at Como not only make any trip around the area even more interesting, but also tell wonderful stories about the past and culture of this region. Therefore let’s find out more about the lakeside villas at Como

1. Villa Carlotta

The Villa Carlotta was built in 1690 carefully respecting the requests of Giorgio Clerici to have it constructed so as to face the Belaggio peninsula and to occupy a site of over 70,000m2. The breathtaking Italian garden surrounding the villa is made of wonderful steps, sculptures and fountains, all laid at the same time.  This place’s next owner was Giambattista Sommariva, a Napoleonic politician and interestingly enough a close friend of Stendhal. The latter even visited this amazing house and got so impressed with the natural beauty of this place that he described its even corner at the start of La Cahrtuese de Parme.

In the 19th century, the villa was purchased by Princess Marianne of Nassau as a wedding gift for her daughter Carlotta, hence the name of this place. Carlotta moved in with her husband and the couple decided to redecorate the garden in a Romantic style. Nowadays Villa Carlotta is a museum of agricultural implements and of important works of sculpture. Do not miss it!

2. Villa d’Este

Located at Cernobbio , Villa d’Este was built by Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio in the 16th century. In the 1816 it was sold to the estranged wife of the Prince of Wales who left an obvious imprint to the garden’s style that was given harmonious English features. It was later on that the villa was turned into a luxury hotel which has led to its present fame of attracting celebrity guests. Therefore if you are traveling on a high budget make sure you book at least one night at this amazing villa.

Some other amazing such places that should be given particular attention are: Villa Melzi, once visited by Stendhal himself and Villa Serbelonni, believed to have been the site of Pliny the Younger’s villa ‘Tragedia’.

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