Let me introduce you to Genoa

View over Genoa

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Located on the Italian Riviera, Genoa is the sixth largest city in the country and a wonderful historical port. It is the capital of region of Linguria and one of the largest towns on the Mediterranean Sea. From a tourist point of view, Genoa has long time lived at the shadow of cities such as Rome or Venice, but its charming characteristics, such as the breathtaking hilly landscape, delicious cuisine, amazing architecture and glorious past, have all contributed to its popularity among tourists searching for the true quintessence of the Italian life.

If you consider yourself one of them, let me introduce you to Genoa:

Why Genoa

Italian flag © nopsa.hiit.fi

Before getting to this destination, you first need to prepare for it. Genoa is unlike any other Italian city and if you are located somewhere around Milan, it is a pity not to pay at least one day visit to this amazing place, called Genoa. It will be nothing you ever experienced before: beautiful sights, surrounded by hilly terrains, hanging gardens, buildings painted in tomato-red that will sometimes drive you crazy, old churches and reminiscences of the old town’s halls. The general impression of the town is of decay and old, but this is exactly what makes this place so charming. Many say you need to spend more than one day to get to know Genoa and more than one walk to get lost on the narrow streets and discover their beauty.

However, nowadays both the port and the parks have been renovated, exhibiting a modern architecture and a great taste and rich imagination.

Genoa means

I thought it might be interested for you to know that the name Genoa derives of course from Latin, standing for “knee” (angle) and evoking its geographical position or it could derive from the Celtic language, meaning “mouth” and expressing again a geographical feature, that of being an estuary.

When to visit Genoa

In general the summer holiday lasts from May till September, or even October. No matter that time of the year you choose to visit this city you cannot fail, cause the average temperature per year is somewhere around 19 degrees, with an average temperature of 12 degrees during wintertime and of 27 degree during summertime. However, keep in mind that Genoa is quite a windy city, especially during the cold days so you might need to bring warm clothes.

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