Milan a cosmopolitan city

While discussing about traveling and different destinations, a friend once told me that Milan is very much like a model on a catwalk: it has a perfect structure, exquisite tastes but no soul. I reflected a lot on his opinion and came to the conclusion that he was only half right, Milan is indeed the engine room of Italy’s economy, has an amazing creative streak, is the ideal place for a career and a dynamic lifestyle but unlike all the other Italian cities it possesses a mystery and a charm that will reveal only in time. And that is where its soul is! There is nothing obvious about this wonderful city and this is exactly what makes you want to stay longer so as to discover more. And be aware, you might not want to go back home!


Milan is the capital of region of Lombardy, located in the north-west of Italy.  Due to the high number of population and industrial density Milan has been included in the so called “Blue Banana”, a symbolic corridor including all the western cities having the highest concentration of inhabitants, money and industry.

The 50’s and the 60’s represented a period of growth and economic boom, turning Milan into a true metropolitan area with a population of over 7.4 million people. This attracted numerous immigrants from Southern Italy and abroad that moved to Milan in the hope of a better life, creating thus the second Italian megalopolis after Rome.

Even more the city can brag with being one of main transportation hub in Europe, the world’s 20th top business and financial center, the 26th richest city by purchasing power in the world and of course 12th most expensive place to live in. Well they couldn’t have had them all…Oh, how in the world have I forgotten to mention that Milan, this cosmopolitan city is the world’s fashion and design icon, influencing thus the industry, music, art, media, sport and literature? But I guess you already knew that, didn’t you?

The city was founded by a Celtic tribe, the name Milan rooting from the Celtic name “Mediolanum”, meaning central town or sanctuary. It underwent the influences of many and different cultures from Romans and French to Austrians and Germans, being nowadays the perfect puzzle of a glorious and agitated past.


Milan’s essence resides in the culture, art, lifestyle, architecture, sport, music, sights, nightlife, people and most important in the diversity. There are so many things to tell about each one of them and so many angles from which you can analyze Milan as a cosmopolitan city that it would be a pity not to reserve a post for each one of them. Therefore just have a little patience and stay tuned!

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