Most amazing caves in Capri


It would be such a shame to get to this amazing island and still to refuse the opportunity to discover and admire this place from the sea, by boat.  This will not offer a brand new perspective to this magic destination but will also give you the chance to unveil the most amazing caves in Capri.

What you might be interested to know is that a comprehensive tour of the island takes somewhere around 2 hours, but if you intend to just dip the anchor and enjoy the sun and the crystal-clear water, you can book an entire day for this. Also do not forget to take into consideration discovering and finding out more about the most amazing caves in Capri.

La Grotta Azura (The Blue Cave)


La Grotta Azura will mesmerize you with its size, blue interior and the magical silvery light nuance it gives to things immersed in its water. In order to enter the cave you first need to make sure you are in a small boat, as the entrance is formed by a small opening, around 2 meters high and maybe 2 meters wide. Pay attention to the head and get ready for what you will reveal in only a few seconds. Your eyes will be enchanted by the magnificent blue tones and you will feel like having discovered wonderland.

The erosion of the cavity is 60 meters long and 25 meters wide. The case is made up of Galleria dei Pilastri, Sala dei Nomi (the Name’s Cave)- given by the high number of names visitors left on the cliffs) and Sala dalla Corrosione.

Legend has it that this is the place where the Sirens lured and bewitched young sailormen that then disappeared.

Please know that the cave cannot be visited during the south westerly and mistral winds.

The White Grotto


The White Grotto is a wonderful cavity accessible from the sea and tells an amazing fairytale about stalactites and stalagmites. It is divided into to two major basins communicating by a canal, two meter long. The experience is definitely unique therefore do not miss it. Just ask the locals or an info point how to get there and you can rest reassured that you will live an extraordinary adventure.

Some other amazing caves worth visiting are: Marvelous Cave, Grotte del Belvedere (Overlook Cave), Grotta dei Marinai, Grotta dell’Arco della Stella and Grotta della Forca.

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