Most beautiful beaches in Capri



Who doesn’t long for a vacation spent on the beach, enjoying the hot sand and warm water and tasting delicious cocktails while reading a good book at the shadow of an umbrella?  I am sure at least once in a year, when you feel that you can no longer put up with the accumulated stress and fatigue, you all dream of this perfect and relaxed way of spending a holiday. This posts wants not only to make your dream come true but also intends to add some extra quality to it, by presenting the most beautiful beaches in Capri.

Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola is one of the most popular beaches inCapriand therefore some might find it quite crowded. Despite this, if you choose to visitCapriin September or May, or even if you reach the island in the summer time, but you choose to go for a swim somewhere after5 o’clock, you will escape the hot, over-crowded and expensive days on the beach. If you want to get to Marina Piccola, you can either walk or take a taxi from the city’s downtown, La Piazzetta, or you can get the bus from the bus terminal. Do not forget to ask what time the last bus leaves the beach and plan accordingly.

Marina Grande


As its names states, Marina Grande is Capri’s largest beach, being situated right next to the port and one of the most beautiful beaches in Capri.  Do not forget that all beaches in Capri are made of pebbles (due to the nature of the island coastline) and Marina Grande makes no exception. Marina Grande is basically the welcoming landscape for those that have taken the fairy from the mainland. The impact is guaranteed and the notion of “love at first sight” will start to have a meaning after this experience.

Punta Carena



Punta Carena lies on the far south-east point of the island, being considered as more private and intimate due to its localization. In the summer time this resorts comes to live. Not only the bathing establishments are opened, but also the pubs and cafes stay open till late in the night creating an amazing atmosphere with their live and entertaining music and culinary offers. The best way to reach this isolated point would be by taxi, although it might be quite expensive. However once arrived there, the experience this resort offers will make you feel like any cent or effort is definitely worthwhile.

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