Most beautiful Churches and Museums in Naples


If your trip to Italy is only for a few days, then you should better focus on the most spectacular landscapes as each and every city of this amazing country has quite a lot to show and offer. You might be mesmerizes by each and every building you come across, but this will prevent you from seeing the most beautiful icons of the place. The same applies to the city of Naples, filled with breathtaking sights full of history and culture. Therefore if you are stopping only for a few days in here, then here are the most beautiful churches and museums in Naples.

Most beautiful churches


You guessed it! Naples also has an omnipresent Duomo Cathedral. What is specific about this one though is that it was built at the end of the 12th century. It is locally known under the name of Saint Januarius cathedral, the city’s patron saint, being the seat of the Archbishop of Naples. What is really special about this place is the legend related to the blood of Saint Januarius which is housed in this cathedral and is brought out twice a year. Tradition has it that on the first Saturday in May and on the 19th of September the dried blood liquefies. If this does not happen, then the legend says that a disaster will fall on Naples.

Church of San Lorenzo Maggiore is another magnificent building, dating back to the end of the 13th century. It is made up of a church plus monastery, both worth visiting. Beneath San Lorenzo half an original Roman market has been discovered and excavated.

Most beautiful museums


Royal Palace Museum is one of the many residences owned by the Bourbon Kings during their domination of the south of Italy. The 17th century palace has undergone many additions and changes which led to the amazing building you can visit these days. If you choose to visit the Royal Palace you can also see the San Carlo Theatre, a museum and the National Library of Naples that you can find in the vicinity.

National Archaeological Museum can also be included in the category of the most beautiful churches and museum in Naples. It contains a large collection of Roman artifact from Pompeii (please review the article on Pompeii), Stabiae and Herculaneum, being considered one of the most important Italian archaeological museums. You might need an entire day to visit and “digest” the whole cultural information but you can rest reassured that it will be worthwhile.

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