Most delicious dishes in Turin



I don’t know about you but I am always lost when I am going to a restaurant in a foreign country and a really vast menu is placed right under my eyes and I know that the clock is counting down to the moment when the waiter is coming for the order and I need to have made up my mind by then. If I have a lucky day and the waiter is busy (hopefully only for getting the order and not for bringing the food), then I might have plenty of time to ask about the majority of dishes and their ingredients and of course choose wisely, if not then it could all turn into a nightmare, especially if I am starving.

I therefore thought of presenting you a classification of the most delicious dishes in Turin that might help you have a preview in advance of what you are going to find in the menu.



Turin’s cuisine is all about butter and cheese. Cooking is mainly done with butter and let’s not forget mentioning the so popular Bagna Caoda, a delicious dish made of olive oil, garlic, butter, anchovies and sometimes truffles. You will also receive a sauce that will be kept hot while dipping your vegetables in it. Absolutely delicious!

The traditional Gorgonzola cheese goes perfectly with the Piedmontese wines, so if it does happen to find that bad meal, then you should be a rare and unfortunate soul.

Some other important ingredients of Turin’s cuisine are: white truffle, quite rare but extremely good, crispy breadsticks, fresh trout and vegetables.


If you would like to respect the Italian rules and begin with antipasti then you can order from omelettes to salad, from veal with tuna fish soup to dressed meat or a simple plate of cheese.


One of the most delicious dishes in Turin is definitely the pasta, rigorously fresh and of course home made. Dressed with roast sauce or enriched with truffles or mushroom, you will be licking your fingers.  Ravioli stuffed with butter and sage is also a delicious dish, or risotto with beans and salami.

Another gem of Turin’s cuisine is definitely the dessert, more precisely the chocolate. What many don’t know is that chocolate was produced in Turin even before Switzerland. The French might also be surprised to find out that most of their desserts, such as the Montblanc, have their roots in this amazing city called Turin. Do not skip dessert or you might regret it!

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